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Is There a Need for Political Conventions?

Joseph64 Wrote: Sep 03, 2012 7:06 PM
I was wondering that myself, but only for the incumbent. Why do the Democrats even need a convention this year? Was there ever any doubt that Obama would be the nominee? The only primary that ever matters when the incumbent is still eligible for another term is the opposition party primary. It is extremely rare when a party replaces the incumbent when they are eligible for another term.

The Republican Convention was last week. The Democrats rev theirs up this week. Television viewership of the Republican Convention was down, and I suspect we will see the same thing this week.

There were a couple of factors affecting the viewership of the Republican convention. First, the major networks didn’t push it. Only an hour each night. They didn’t advertise it and plug it. Second, the Republicans shortened their convention because of the hurricane.

But, does a well established political party even need a convention?

What Bill Clinton called, “the permanent campaign”, back in the early nineties is now...