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E Pluribus Platinum

Joseph64 Wrote: Jan 05, 2013 3:00 PM
And here is something else this idiot hasn't thought of. The Fed is not going to just mint this coin and give it to the Treasury for free. The Treasury will have to issue debt to get it from the Fed. So future generations will be sold into slavery to repay the new trillion dollar debt this coin will create. Can you say 'Greece'?

Part of the Caroline chain of islands Yap was first a colony of Spain before Germany took control. The island had many unique qualities, including its people, dress, caste system, and money. In fact, to this day Yap (now part of federation of Micronesian countries) is probably best known for their currency and scuba diving.

The good folks of Yap use stones ranging in size, up to 12 feet in diameter as money. These circular slates were brought in from surrounding islands, often on makeshift rafts and small boats.

Legend has it, 500 years ago after getting lost at sea a...