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Democratic Chairman: Christians Want Jews Slaughtered

Joseph64 Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 11:15 AM
And it's usually the left wing wacko churches that make all of us look bad like the Westboro Baptists. Better than 90% of the members of Westboro Baptist are all members of the same family and they are all Democrats. If the church you belong to promotes government as the solution to societal ills rather than individual action, then you are a member of a false church because there is no such thing as a group salvation. Salvation is granted to individuals based on their own actions, not people who forced others through government coercion to do what they thought was right. God isn't going to be impressed by your Communist/Socialist Party membership card when you stand before him, he is only going to care about what you did as an individual.

What? Palm Beach County Democrat Chairman Mark Alan Siegel apparently isn't a fan of Christians. Patriot Update's Scottie Hughes reports.

Just a reminder, Democrats booed on the DNC floor yesterday when Jerusalem was placed back into the DNC platform.