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Jason, Benjamin Franklin was against the holding of vast tracts of land by the federal government after seeing how the monarchies of Europe were using the lands they owned. The royalty of Europe had game preserves, which weren't much different than the lands held by the federal government for "conservation". The Constitution specifically prohibits the federal government from owning any land beyond that which is needed for military bases or government offices. National parks are unconstitutional because they are exactly what Benjamin Franklin was so against when he added the clause to keep the lands of the United States free of federal control.
One of the problems that Benjamin Franklin had with the monarchies of Europe during his time was that they owned vast tracts of land that could have been put to productive use to make the lives of the people better. That is why we have a clause in the Constitution intended to place strict limits on the lands that the federal government can own. The federal government is not using most of the land that it already has, it does not need any more. And if we have such a huge national debt, then why doesn't the federal government auction off the lands that it has that it is not using and pay that down?
No, the Bible is NOT more violent than the Koran. Not by a long shot.
I'l bet Sony Pictures is livid with Rogen. They finally get past the hacker controversy and release The Interview, only to have Rogen open his mouth and offend most of America ensuring that the film will be a flop during the rest of it's theater run and when it releases on video.
MadisonWannabe Wrote:6 hours ago (12:53 AM) "When God created the world he wanted one perfect place, the old joke goes. So he created France. But realizing he had overdone it a bit, he then created Frenchmen with sunburned arm pits from surrendering, and the ability to hate the people that saved them." I'm surprised the French don't have more Olympic gold medals in track and field events seeing as how fast they run away from a fight. Maybe they need a coach with a German accent to spur them on.
I'm surprised the French don't have more Olympic gold medals in track and field events seeing as how fast they run away from a fight. Maybe they need a coach with a German accent to spur them on.
The Normans weren't French, they were Norse hence Nor-man = North Man or Norse Man. The French ceded territory in northern France to the Norse to prevent future raids into the heart of France. The French were only too happy to strike this accord with the Norse because it meant that if they were secure in France they would step up their raids on the English, who they hated, and they did.
"Doctor Roy wrote: So when was it that you guys turned into Francophiles?" Nobody turned into a Francophile who wasn't one already. What you fail to understand is that it was not the French specifically that we were defending, it was their right to free speech. You can defend the values of a group of people without falling in love with them. I find the content of Charlie Hebdo grossly offensive, but I'm not calling for the banning of their publication or similar publications that may exist here in the US because that would make me no better than the Islamists who tried to silence them with guns. Every Sunday when I read the comics section in the paper, I regularly make sure that Doonesbury goes unread because I don't like the left wing philosophy regularly espoused by that strip. I don't read it, but I also don't try to stop other people from reading it. I don't like the forums at The Atlantic, Mother Jones, of HuffPo, either so I rarely to go to them unless I find an article of interest in a Google search, but I don't call for their sites to be blocked from other people seeing them that want to. That's the difference between the left and the right. The right believes in free speech, while the left wants everyone to agree with them and seeks to punish those who don't. 'Free speech for me, but not for thee' is their motto.
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Liberals’ Zany Logic on Holiday Pay

Joseph64 Wrote: Jan 25, 2015 7:16 AM
The left appeals to emotions, not logic or reason. If something feels good, do it, they say and they get millions of voters lined up behind them. Never mind that the economy is crashing or that terrorists are infiltrating the country by the boatload. Do what makes you feel good (oh, and a vote in November would be greatly appreciated). Don't work, collect welfare instead. Marry whoever you want to regardless of gender. Smoke pot, snort cocaine, shoot up with heroin. It's all good. Don't take responsibility for anything bad that happens to you when there's always someone else you can make your scapegoat. All this and more can be yours if you just vote for the (D) in November.This is the platform of the Democratic party.
Moses and David were Christians because they believed in the coming of the promised Messiah.
Of course she was. This president (and I use the term loosely) has been known to pack audiences with his own people to make it look like more people like him and his policies than actually do.
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