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The flu vaccine is hot or miss at best. There are far too many strains for all of them to be covered in a single shot. You can get the flu shot and still get the flu if it's a strain that isn't covered by the vaccine. That you haven't gotten the flu since you were 17 may also be ascribed to dumb luck rather than vaccine effectiveness. You know, dumb luck. The same thing the left tries to tell us created the universe and all the life on earth.
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Immigration Is American

Joseph64 Wrote: Sep 17, 2014 2:17 PM
There is no rule anywhere that says that anyone who wants to come here has to be let in. Let them go back home and wait their turn like everyone else. Not everyone who applies is going to get in, and that is the way it should be.
Lois, watch
Timothy, you are an idiot. The proper name for this particular vehicle was Panzerkampfwagen IV, or Panzer IV for short. So yes, it was called the Tank IV.
The guns will usually have their barrels reamed to destroy the rifling and then filled with concrete to render them inoperable. Any small arms will also be removed.
It doesn't matter which army last used it, the Pzkpfw IV was built in Germany during the war and used by the Nazi's first before the war ended and Nazi Germany's assets were dispersed. They were never built under license in any other country. A lot of third world countries with poor militaries benefited greatly from the dismantling of the Nazi war machine because all of their weapons of war became available for sale in order to help finance reparations.
All of these liberal universities that bear the names of the founders should be forced to change them because they are not worthy of those names.
We're supposed to be outraged by the HYPOCRISY of a billionaire telling everyone else in the country they can't own a gun and then he goes and buys a tank, which is far more dangerous.
Except that it is and it is true. How many high school science teachers do you think WANT to be high school science teachers? You go to college to get a masters degree in biology, chemistry or physics, to work in those fields not to teach high school. If you have an advanced degree in science and are teaching at the high school level, your career went wildly off the rails at some point.
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A Wee Problem for the UK

Joseph64 Wrote: Sep 15, 2014 1:45 AM
Scotland is already allowed to issue it's own money, with one caveat. They must maintain British pounds as reserves to back the Scottish ones and banks must exchange British pounds for Scottish ones on demand. In the north of England, some Scottish pounds circulate and it is entirely up to the merchant whether they accept them or not because they have no legal tender status outside of Scotland. The guarantee of convertability eases peoples fears about accepting them somewhat, but some still don't trust and won't accept them.
Turkey has been turning Islamist since the election of the current prime minister. They have already said no to NATO using their territory as a staging area to attack ISIS.
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