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I always knew CBO wasn't scoring the bill correctly with all the deceptive language designed to disguise taxes and spending by calling them something else. They should have been considering all monies collected as taxes and all monies outgoing as spending regardless of what the Democrats were calling them. The bill would have gotten a far different score than it did.
All I can say is that it's going to be fun to watch the race card being played against blacks by hispanics and then they'll know how it feels.
Chris Rock said it best. You get more respect in the black community when you get out of prison than you do when you graduate from college. That is wrong and needs to change.
“You are going to see this all over the country,” said Dean, suggesting that Obamacare was a wining issue to campaign on Yep, we sure did see it, Howie. Democrats got their worst shellacing in a midterm in decades because of Obama's policies including Obamacare.
And also blame your political opponents for your own failings.
They should treat him as irrelevant like he treated them when he had filibuster proof majorities in both houses of Congress. "Elections have consequences" works both ways.
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The Net Neutrality Tax Hike

Joseph64 Wrote: Nov 15, 2014 6:54 AM
What do you think pays for all those Obamaphones? It will never be repealed, at least not while a Democrat is in office.
The only way you get that is to get all 50 states on board to make their laws identical but even if you could do that, that still doesn't address risk factors. A state with a lot of coal miners, for example, has to cover black lung disease. That is a risk factor that is not shared with non-coal states. A state with more contaminants in the tap water than a neighboring state is more likely to make people sick from drinking it so the health insurance has to cover that risk factor. A state with a high population density, like New York, where you are more likely to get into an auto accident than you would in a state like Wyoming, where you can drive for hours and not see another car, would also be another risk factor that might cause you to go to a doctor. So even if you were to homogenize the laws of all 50 states (not likely) you still wouldn't be able to eliminate the risk factors present in all states.
indy2012 Wrote:12 mins ago (1:46 PM) Also opening up state lines and focusing on tort reform should bring down the cost enough to allow people with pre-existing conditions on to plans without a major issue. How many times do you "let them sell across state lines" people need to be told? Insurers are not forbidden by anyone from selling across lines. If that were a profitable business model, they would be doing it already. The reason why they set up subsidiaries in each state is that each state has it's own regulatory hurdles and it's own risk factors. If one state has particularly low rates, it means that the cost of doing business in that state is lower for the insurance companies and that lower cost of doing business does NOT carry over to other states. Let's say that, Missouri has lower rates than California. The insurance company from Missouri CANNOT sell policies at the same price in California that they sell them for at home because regulatory compliance and risk factor costs are higher in California. They would have to sell policies in California at rates similar to other insurers doing business in California in order to cover costs that they don't have in Missouri. Get it yet?
What the Tea Party people need to do is send a clear message to the Republican establishment that if they do not support our candidates in the primaries, then we will not only NOT vote for the establishment Republican candidate in the general, but will vote Democrat instead, making sure that the establishment Republican loses. It's the only way to make sure they know that we are serious. There is no difference between the establishment Republicans and the Democrats, anyway.
I expect that Justice Ginsberg will either announce her retirement in the next two months or be found dead in her home. Obama is not going to let the chance of appointing another Justice to the Supreme Court slip through his fingers when the new Congress is seated in January. A Republican controlled Senate will mean an uphill battle for appointments so Obama will want Ginsberg gone before that happens.
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