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President Obama Standing Firm for Israel

Joseph3374 Wrote: Apr 04, 2013 1:10 PM
Well, the whites in South Africa wanted a small state of their own and yet the answer was no ! Well why should Israel not be a one man one vote state ? Does this model remind you of any other country ? How about the USA ? Organizations like the ADL and many other jewish zionist organizations have lobbyied for open borders ! The ADL has been running around every state of the union lobbying for hate speech laws . Well , how about start practicing what you preach ? Let us make israel in the image that many American Jewish organizations want to make America !
It was no accident that Israel was President Obama’s first foreign visit in his second term. He had something to prove to the people of the Jewish state, and he appears to have succeeded.

Through both his words and actions, President Obama expressed an unwavering support for Israel, helped assuage doubts about America’s commitment to Israeli security and strengthened the state’s relationship with the U.S. He also put Iran on notice that the allies are united, rather than divided, over the need to halt Tehran’s pursuit of a nuclear weapons capability.

Throughout Obama’s first term, uneasiness mounted around the...