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To continue my thought, perhaps Ryan was trying to recoup some of the money he knew Obama would be wasting on corrupt deals for his buddies.
Did these same reports also say that he voted against the stimulus bill? After all, he did.
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Muppets Boycott Chick-Fil-A

Joseph324 Wrote: Jul 24, 2012 12:24 AM
I guess the Henson Company's belief in embracing "diversity and inclusiveness" doesn't include anybody who expresses Christian principles. What a joke, but it is typical of hypocrites on the left.
McCain, you turd. It was bad enough that I had to vote and campaign for you four years ago, but you have to keep going out and reminding me why it was hard to vote and campaign for you. "Friends, let me subjugate all of your under the authority of the UN. Friends."
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