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Constitutionalist: What’s in a Name?

Joseph244 Wrote: Aug 05, 2012 6:50 PM
May I suggest that any measure of conformity to the Constitution begin with an assessment of its adherence to the 9th and 10th Amendments? I refuse to believe that most people support the notion that the federal government is supreme or superior in all important matters affecting our lives. The founders clearly enumerated the powers of the federal government in the Constitution because they realized, if left unchecked, it would spread like a tapeworm throughout the nation, extinguishing any semblance of state sovereignty. The states have become mere appendages of a power-hungry, corrupt, out-of-control centralized government that secures their dependence and obeisance by returning a portion of their taxes for their submission.
In last week’s column I noted several specific examples of how the term “conservative” has been bastardized to mean standing for nothing other than not being a Democrat. Given what we’re seeing from Republican “leadership” on Capitol Hill, if every Republican is a conservative then nobody is.

This week I propose a remedy to the Republican Party establishment’s attempt to co-opt the term “conservative” and replace it with more Mitch McConnellesque milquetoast. That remedy will require a defined standard.

That defined standard should be the U.S. Constitution.

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