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You may need a course in anger management. Or, it may be a simple matter of cutting down on caffeine consumption.
Jim haven't you learned?? Progressive policies are never about results. They are so liberals who live in Lilly white neighborhoods can feel good about themselves.
Years ago I took a state exam for an audit position. While I scored in the top 3 in the state I was told by a supervisor. " There were too many while males in the audit department and they wanted to diversify" It too me three years before I finally go a position. When I asked why, they were frank. They couldn't understand the audit reports and had to hire additional staff to re-write them.
These nitwits on the video, I'm assuming own a home. Is it fair to say that the land this home is located on once belonged to a Native American? Then why don't they give it back? Trace their ancestry and go back to their roots. Stop talking and start doing.
" Christians and conservatives would have to hide their beliefs to get government jobs." We do that now, I'm an accountant for the state of NY.
What's the long term impact of this decision? When have you ever seen a Liberal care about the long term?
Lets give them California.....problem solved......
Not sticking up for the teachers or the Union but there are always two sides to a story. I'll bet a number of these students don't bother to bring a book home, or are encouraged by their parents to study. I thank God every day for the parents I have.
I agree with the president. climate change has been documented in all 57 states.
Demosthenes A man is his own easiest dupe, for what he wishes to be true he generally believes to be true.
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