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Off topic but with all the talk about diversity, why haven't we seen a black White House Press Secretary ??
These are the children of the people who complained years ago that cops only patrol rich neighborhoods and don't want to go into black neighborhoods. You will never win this argument. I've heard it all and I'm only 56.
Lets see, her husband has a job that makes him the most powerful man on earth. They are millionaires and will be multi millionaires when they leave the Whitehouse. ( Speaking engagements, book deals). Aside from wearing thousand dollar dresses and going to $39,000 a plate dinners, I have to agree, her life is miserable. lol
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20 Things Liberalism Is….

Joseph1790 Wrote: Dec 16, 2014 11:44 AM
Rich liberals that claim everyone is racist but them. Yet they live in lily white neighborhoods. Their children go to lily white schools. And all the professionals in their lives, Dr's lawyers are guessed ...lily white. Remember when Bill Clinton, our first black president, sent his daughter to an all white school?
like 400 grit sandpaper
Oh no!! What am I going to do with my " I'm ready for Warren" bumper sticker??? ( sarcasm )
Good Lord, the women looks like a scarecrow!
Gee, I wonder how they got these cool jobs to begin with?
Even if they do nothing, its better than what we have. First do no harm.
Even if they do nothing, its better than what we have. First do no harm.
That's ok, she'll always have Kermits love.
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