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How many true KKK are left....maybe 20.Your the obtuse one...probably obese as well.
Everything is automated, you don't even have to add or subtract. And I agree with the rest of the comments, the attitude of the servers leaves something to be desired. Tip: Don't hand the cashier a penny so that you can get a dime back after the drawer is open. They will have to call headquarters to do the math.
Stop driving your car....better yet...stop breathing, your creating Co2.
Its sad, but if Shamiya Adams had been killed by an individual that was 1/4 white, then the politicians would get involved.
The favorite tactic of the left........
She has the ultimate Liberal look.......bitter
Why don't they ask the last 50 years of Democratic Mayors where the water money is, especially Kwame M. Kilpatrick?
Your trying to reason with Progressives Mr. Elder. They don't evaluate evidence, they are emotional creatures.
I should have scrolled down, I made the same comment above.
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