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I hope someone can respond to this question: Are there grounds for fraud. As a citizen, can I sue for fraud. Can anyone sue for fraud?
Still, 550 tons yellowcake does qualifiy as a legitimate WMD concern regardless of when it was acquired. Chicago pile only had 50 tonnes in the reactor. So they found chemical and nuclear materials of sufficient quantity so that Bush's original assertion was valid. It's too bad Hillary and Kerry and all the rest legally supported the war. Otherwise it would have been an illegal war.
Next time he'll just have DHS raid them and take them all to Guatanamo and then he'll play golf.
Again, where is the lawsuit. Just do what they did to Sarah Palin. File hundreds of lawsuits. Accuse this broad of advocating voter fraud. Don't they need IDs to get food stamps? If not, please reply so that I can go down and apply.
It is worse than what you inferred in this article. The NRC is corrupt to the core. 50 years ago, Westinghouse said, we had to do somersaults to make a reactor that would fit in a sub so lets make a huge one based on what was needed to miniaturize it. Meanwhile, Alvin Weinburger was fighting tooth and nail for a design that simply couldn't fail and would be 10 or 100 times cheaper. Guess who won. They fired Weinburger. Of course the NRC knows that Weinburger was right, that the Westinghouse design qualifies as a crime, but then, the NRC makes latin american countries look like paragons of virtue.
And then there were all those districts in Ohio that voted 100% dumasacrat. All the repubs needed to do was post a public notice for anyone who voted republican to step forward. They couldn't be bothered.
The sooner everyone calls a spade a spade, the ASTRONOMICAL Care Act, the sooner we can smother this thing to death. Just do what dumacrats do, use your own label to the point of ad nauseum. Every time some brings this up, refer to it as the Astronomcial Care Act. Eventually, it will get relabeled.
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