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Hickenlooper's "apology" = "Bovine Scatology". More dishonest politicking, which at bedrock is one of the primary problems (along with lazy and intellectually dishonest voters) of government these days.
Excellent analysis.
Do not pander.
Mr. Kudlow, you have fallen into the trap of making ***illegal*** immigration more of an economic issue than a law and order issue. Perhaps Mr. Brat understands that it's "equality under the law" is what will be the biggest step toward saving America, instead of pitting American "tribes" (As you say, "Asians, African Americans, young people, and women", among others) against each other as Democrats routinely do, and many like you Mr. Kudlow have been pressuring GOP politicos to do, at least in recent years. Thanks to this effort, however well meaning, we now have a GOP that has no real identity, and no obvious purpose beyond retaining second-rate power for themselves. In this way, they are functioning more like a labor union than a coalition which endeavors to insure, protect, and expand the safety and prosperity of American citizens. Current events alone should be enough to tell us, that the "Divide and Conquer" tactics of the left, have been destructive to the USA. Others (Those of us *not* of the left.) should not join them in the destruction.
Mr. Schlichter, AMEN.
I believe Obama likely sold out the rest of the armed forces to get Bergdahl back ***because*** he is a deserter. He's the only kind of service member an Obama-type might value.
This is NOT "Peace Through Strength". We're not just going wobbly, but falling flat.
It cannot be assumed he was not jacked up BEFORE eh was placed on psychotropics. At least entertain the thought that he was horrifically disturbed before the meds. You are incorrect about the science, and empirical evidence on the issue is far from one-sided. Try not throwing babies out with bath water. Case by case.
Leftists: Always anxious to err on the side of stupidity.
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