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Liberalism: Not matter how long you live (In Stevens case, 94 years), you never grow up.
Just reading the title made me vomit into my mouth. I refuse to watch the video.
Why would they NOT "cook books"? To refuse (or neglect) to do so would be to deny their progressive heritage.
Many Americans feel abandoned by you, and the GOP. How shameful is that?
I just can't listen to his voice anymore. I KNOW he's lying.
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Hillary Clinton Dodges A Shoe

Joseph1575 Wrote: Apr 11, 2014 2:41 PM
"What's next, shooting your political enemies?" - Neil99 It's been done repeatedly throughout history. Almost exclusively by "wound too tight" leftists. If you laughed when Bush had a shoe thrown at him, or you did not feel the same outrage as you do right now, you cannot be taken seriously so you are dismissed.
I see: Ignore this grievous breach of constitutional boundaries, because other's might "breach the breach?" sometime in the future... Got it!
Exactly! Issa should have come ready, with the proper paperwork in hand. "I'll give you ninety minutes to get the non redacted-copies here, or you will be in contempt, and will sit in lock-up until your next in command complies. He will have the next ninety minutes, before he is locked up." LOL
No more Bush. Thank you, please come again. Common Core: Elevate the standards, strip out the "data mining",
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