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"Straight man" = Stephen Colbert I had to bail on the video after the second cheer line. Colbert offered token challenges in front of intellectually bankrupt simpletons (aka: both their audiences). If Colbert truly believed any of those fake curveballs, some contrition would be both appropriate and apparent.
"Torture and foreign entanglements do have their consequences." So too, does naivete..
The Democrat Party seems to have never met a bad idea, or traitorous position, they didn't like.
There is no telling how many people have, and will be executed, murdered, starved and imprisoned because of such "Pollyanna" attitudes. This is why I evolved from strict libertarianism. There is little respect for, or accounting of human nature.
Great question! Nobody in "leadership" is honorable enough to ask it on a nationally recognized platform
I actually don't know how anyone can see this as a true "losing streak", given that the WH nor any of it's agents or lackeys have suffered any real consequences whatsoever. It's The United States of America that's on a losing streak.
"WH Admits Improperly Inflating Obamacare Enrollment Figures" - Benson That's like LYING, isn't it?
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Racial Quota Punishment

Joseph1575 Wrote: Nov 18, 2014 1:04 AM
"Anyone with common sense knows that letting a kid get away with bad behavior is an open invitation to worse behavior in the future." - Dr. Thomas Sowell Exhibit "A": Barack Hussein Obama
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