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The article barely touches on the low rate of High School graduation and high rate of out of wedlock births among Blacks. These are the main drivers of poverty and family breakdown. Until these issues are confronted little will change but people like the Author (and many leaders in Government, Academia and the Media) do not wish to do so and would prefer to make excuses. He raises legitimate and significant issues but offers no suggestions other than blaming racism 50 years after passage of the Civil Rights Act. It is hard to interpret this article as nothing more than an attempt to increase Black turnout for the elections in November. It is not a serious attempt to address the issues plaguing the Black community. Why did Townhall bother to post this article? It added nothing new to the subject.
If Jesus performed the miracle with bread and fish today the liberals would claim that he had an unfair advantage, would tax the excess fish and bread and then redistribute it to people who weren't at the gathering because after all they deserve bread and fish to. We have to stop dignifying liberal stupidity by letting them believe we are taking what they say seriously. The only proper response to her comment was you are an idiot - next subject please. And someone please tell the learned professor that Hitler and Mussolini were socialists too. Planned economies like socialism become more and more totalitarian over time as the planners try to control more and more economic and non-economic activity. That is how you end up with something like Obamacare. 72 hours to review and debate a several thousand page bill that impacts 15.0%of the economy directly and the rest indirectly and which 3 years later is not ready for implementation. Calling Jesus a socialist is an insult to him.
Do we really want advice from the President of Chicago's teachers union when the city schools have somethinh like a 70.0% dropout rate.
And what nation do you suggest is better? The United States has absorbed people from more countries then any nation in the history of human civilization. No one is suggesting that we are perfect or that our history is perfect but find me a country with a better long term record. And like most liberals you are a mind numbed robot so do not forget to call me some name in response so you fit the stereotype perfectly.
Because printing money to buy bonds to artificially lower interest rates benefits stock prices (until rates actually rise to their natural level) and most economists are Wall Street lackey's. It is also redistribution of income as the flip side of lower interest rates or expense is lower interest income.
The Democrats have long based their strategy on peeling off voters by appealing to special interest groups. Republicans believe that lower taxes, less regulation and smaller government benefits everyone by increasing standards of living for rich and poor alike. Most Democratic policies include or exclude somebody based on this criteria or that criteria and that is not representing everybody. It is a concerted effort to do exactly what you claim the Republicans will try to do in your post.
Republican's (or conservatives) have to recognize that the entitlement mentality has been building up since Franklin Roosevelt' New Deal with an acceleration after Lyndon Johnson's Great Society and more recently Barak Obama's 1st term. While his economic policies will fail he will likely be successful in blaming the Republican House for at least two years and maybe longer as he is still getting away in blaming George W. Bush. It will require a long term person to person effort to convince some voters that while the give-a-ways may make things better in the short term they will lower their standard of living in the long term. This process will require far greater effort than that used to ingrain the entitlement mentality.
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