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Romney Can Win By Doing One Thing

Joseph1009 Wrote: Oct 03, 2012 8:38 AM
People tell me that Romney can't stand up to Barry tonight. I keep telling them the same thing you wrote here Floyd. He really needs to call him out on the lies...and have proof to back it up. On how these lies hurt America. I'd say that's one of the main things Romney has to do tonight.
One of the best things if Romney wins, (also fixing America), is it will crush Barry’s ego. Barry loves being the king, and thinks he IS the king of the world. What a bit*h slap in the face it would be to him if he lost...."Priceless"!
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10 Reasons Mitt Will Win

Joseph1009 Wrote: Sep 25, 2012 8:26 AM
Me too, but I think Barry will get 4 more years due to the dumb vote. It's a shame, isnt it? The right men to fix, or start the fix of America, probably won't get the chance.
II agree also. I just don't get it. An example: - My Daughter. She made it big, and now makes millions by owning a not so small business, and by owning real-estate in the state next to us. She lives large, and why not, I’m happy for her. She and the family (husband and 2 kids) are living their lives as Capitalists, but she is dead set on voting, and trusting Barry. I asked her why. She said, "For the future of my children, (my grandkids), and for universal health care. I can't believe it! Why doesn't she understand, and see the target on her back if Barry gets 4 more years? Can someone please tell me what to say to her to try and convince her that she is so very wrong?!
I noticed that too late night while watching a clip on Fox. It seems to be the new thing to do to Romney by the press...gang up on him and find that one word he said that they can twist. It's a one sided race here! It's a shame. It's like Romney/Ryan are the adults, and the left are the spoiled, bullying children. I never felt so unsure about this country and my family’s future. “BARRY CAN NOT WIN”!
How did this guy become OUR president?! These quotes are unbelievable! This country is doomed if he gets 4 more years!
And he will get 4 more years to do more damage to this country. I Pray that I'm wrong!
I don't know who's funnier to watch and listen to, Biden or Matthews. When Romney becomes our president, those two can be the White House court jesters.
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Forward: A Look Ahead to the DNC

Joseph1009 Wrote: Sep 03, 2012 7:44 AM
The theme that the DNC is going to use this year is, (I'm pretty sure) "America Together". I heard this on talk radio yesterday, and it insults me. Barry has done nothing to keep Americans together...he’s totally divided us. What a pair they have running on that theme!
The DNC Convention, I think, is going to be about thrashing everything that was said at the RNC Convention. Then Barry will take the stage with complete lie's about what a good job he’s done in making this country better in the last 4 years, and confusing long answers to what was said about him. I’ll try and watch it, but I can't take listening to Wasserman Schultz anymore. (Plus the others) Is she going to speak there? That mouth must!
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Only in America

Joseph1009 Wrote: Aug 31, 2012 8:07 AM
I hope he's not. Ryan is gonna wipe up the floor with Biden. HBO should put this debate on "Pay-Per-View"! It's a must see, and my bet goes to Ryan.
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