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But, see, I think your religious fervor and treatment of your belief system as fact is the part that's BS. And no Atheist has ever done anything good? Let's see: Helen Keller Sigmund Freud Ernest Hemingway Billy Joel Frida Kahlo John Lennon Barry Manilow George Orwell Ted Williams Charlie Chaplin Warren Buffet Thomas Edison Ayn Rand Mark Twain ....to name but a few. Surely somewhere in the body of work of these people, SOMETHING good has been produced.
Excellent Governor.
Maybe you didn't read the article.
No, actually BS dat. And I'm not OFFERING an opinion. I'm making a statement, and a factual one. It doesn't matter what I think; it matters what the MONEY wants. And the money in the Republican Party wants immigration. I will say "I told you so" all in good time.
...and you're a complete idiot.
Here you have the voice of the establishment Republican Party. At least she's shooting straight. There will NEVER be a Republican nominee who is anti-immigration. Never. Ever. Any Con who claims to want to "shut down the borders" will NOT get the nomination. When Tea Partiers get that through their heads, they will then understand why they will never accomplish anything except the LOSING of elections by the Republican party. There are not enough TP'ers to go third-party, and the Republican party is entirely pro-immigration. In fact, it is the #1 issue and the ONLY issue that matters. The rest is fluff.
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