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Go ahead Jay--with a phrase that dates me: "name that tune!" YOU enroll in 25 minutes--since nobody else in the US can!
Has it sunk in yet that those 800,000 NONessential employees are "earning" MUCH more than their unemployment would ever cost us? And it would save the Feds SOOO much money to furlough them permanently--all the ones who did NOT report to work Tuesday...Let's try that too?
I survived the first shutdown without a qualm. I had no vacation planned, no major criminal activity to report, and no huge debt. I expect that if the entire Federal Government (even the 6.6% of the EPA that's still considered essential) were simply sent home, given unemployment Insurance, and told to find a new job; the vast majority of the rset of us would muddle along just fine. Let's try it?
I haven't gotten to that part of the awful thing--but I'll nearly bet my life that they ARE NOT--except for the mentally retarded and low income CHILDREN--as Medicaid is now done...
Government is not about regulation (at least not for them) it's about forcing the many to do the bidding of the few "in charge".
AND we would have the IRS (of all the organizations!) in charge of enforcing these "regulations"--and the Insurance Companies (of all the financial possibilities!) in charge of setting prices! What could possibly go wrong??
Having been born in Northern Minnesota 65 years ago--and raised through their THEN pretty fair school system through college--I'm ashamed to know how badly they have slipped...It's not just minority kids that are being affected--all the public school graduates are being systematically dumbed down...if they graduate at all--and then they stay even dumber. When a mere high school graduate can substitute teach--exactly how well is anyone of them being taught?? You've made excellent points--but they don't WANT exceptionally bright students to excell--they want them all the same and mallable...
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