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The Question at the Court

joQQeb Wrote: Mar 26, 2013 11:29 AM
This is exactly my opinion regarding marriage. Marriage was a religious institution long before it was a governmental institution. The government has no business being in the marriage business. I believe I comprehend the GLBT position on this issue as well: GLBT’s cannot believe that something that feels so right can be so wrong and I appreciate that. I don’t believe GLBT’s pursue this for any reason other than they desire to silence any critics.
joQQeb Wrote: Mar 26, 2013 11:33 AM
Civil unions guarantee same sex couples may inherit property, place their partners on insurance policies, and essentially grant them all privileges enjoyed by traditional couples. So; why must they insist on calling it marriage? Obviously to silence all the Knuckle dragging, mouth breathing troglodytes that disagree with their point of view. IMHO GLBT’s aren’t looking for equality; they are seeking absolution.
joQQeb Wrote: Mar 26, 2013 11:35 AM
If they can ram a SCOTUS decision through, they will next begin silencing churches via lawsuits claiming violations if they are not ‘accorded’ the ceremonial trappings they desire. What they think doesn’t matter. What I think doesn’t matter. The ONLY opinion that matters is the Man who conquered Death. And even if all 6 billion souls here declare the GLBT lifestyle to be the ultimate choice, it will not influence the Savior of all. His judge4ment is final. If he grants their plea, then their place in Paradise is assured. But no amount of protesting, caterwauling, or shouting is going to alter His mind.

Obviously, the next two days are going to be important ones in establishing the parameters of gay (and straight) rights in this country (

For conservatives who support gay rights, including the right of gays to marry, there are some tricky questions.  Do societies have the right to legislate about sexual mores? That's one of the big issues at stake.  If the Court strikes down Prop. 8,  it's hard to see how anyone can ever argue again that the state (i.e., citizens as a group) has any interest in regulating any kind of sexual behavior between consenting adults, regardless of...