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Elizabeth Warren: Why Isn’t the Minimum Wage Triple What it is Today?

joQQeb Wrote: Mar 20, 2013 10:37 AM
Forget, for a minute, that the CEO has about 3,948 times the experience and education of the person earning minimum wage. I guess all you should have to know in order to earn $20 an hour is how to get to work on time and where the restroom is, huh? Like I said before, when some idiot asks; "How come I only make minimum wage and he gets paid oodles of money/" the only reasonable answer is; "Maybe it has something to do with you report card or your major." How many BA's in Art History do you think can be employed in the nation? Should have taken that major in engineering, but it would have cut into your party time,huh?
Cal18 Wrote: Mar 20, 2013 11:36 AM
Please, PLEASE don't inject reality or fact into his world. Liberals "just know stuff" and one of the many things they "just know" is CEOs are greedy. Another is they earn "too much." Clear? :-)

There is no doubt in my mind that liberal Democrats want nothing more than to see the working poor succeed and prosper. They believe in social justice, of course, and wholeheartedly agree that with a little help from government, poor people can magically escape a life of poverty and dependence. However, the policies they invariably propose almost always have the exact opposite effect they intend them to have. Enter Elizabeth Warren’s latest mind-numbing recommendation for raising the standard of living in the United States (via NRO):

In a hearing of the Senate Committee...