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Obstructionism Is Patriotic

joQQeb Wrote: Jun 27, 2014 10:36 AM
Why is obstructionizm only patroitic when liberals do it?
Its' not up to Congress to do what the President tells them to do. Where did you get this idea? Each House passes legislation, then the two houses appoint members to a reconciliation committee. THey hammer out a comprimise and that comprimise bill goes back to both houses for approval. If both Houses pass the comprimise then it goes to the president for signature. The issue her is comprimise. For liberals the word comprimise means conservatives laying aside their principles and doing whatever liberals want to fo. Tha actual definition is to negotiate an agreement everyone can live with. As long as POTUS refuses to accept anything other than 100% of what he wants, there will be no bill. I hope he does try this thru executive order because SCOTUS will slap him back so hard that by the time he wakes up his clothes will be out of style.
Correct! You will lose your copy. The email will be retained in the exchange server and in the receipient's email box.
This is the issue in a nutshell: Progressives’ belief in their own superiority, and the superiority of their beliefs, is beyond arrogance. There is no lever of bureaucratic power they will not employ to silence any and all critics of their worldview. I’m as certain as the sun rising in the East that the top of this pyramid is Valerie Jarrett. She was pulling the strings at the IRS from the White House. Her stooge, Lois Lerner would do her bidding by contacting and trading information with the DoJ and the FEC. I would not be a bit surprised that she didn’t’ contact other federal agencies as well like OSHA, to get them to ‘inspect’ the business concerns of persons who had such businesses and were listed as pivotal persons in the structure of Conservative groups. All critics of progressive policy are to be silenced, and if possible, completely destroyed.
FIrst; "You don't have to be the fastest, biggest, or strongest, to play at a high level." This is true, it is also what makes it a 'dream' game to liberals. If Americans are addicted to scoring why is baseball still so popular? "The multiple styles of playcreate a subtle complication to the game the casual will just not appreciate." PLEASE! I can appreciate the differences of the West Coast Offense or a Wishbone Offense or a 4-3 defense. Soccor players run desperately toward where they hope to intersect a ball; all while praying that the person shadowing wont' kick thier shins in if it DOES actually land in front of them. This is nuanced only because you are forced to attempt to ascribe intelligent patterns to this ."Brownian" movement of people. I've tried to watch this game! every time I have I want to hang myself before half. It's worse than watching golf!
Organizations always fail at self-policing. Bureaucrats will always evolve to protect the bureaucracy they work in. There is no ‘self-policing’ in the private sector because if they do not respond to customer needs, the customers go elsewhere and that business is out of business. Not so with any government organization. They get their budget no matter how they act or perform. VA, IRS, HHS, you name it. None of them have to please, or even consider their customers. The government continues to fund them at increasing levels even if they allow their customers to die off.
It's 'common' sense that liberal policies are so superior that we must use any means necessary to shut off all debate...
So; he doesn't remember who told him of the hard drive crash oe he doesn't remember who told him it would be a good idea to say the hard drive crashed?
While I do agree with the author's opening statement to a point; I don't believe that liberals ignore the mentally ill any more than they ignore the 'people' aspect of gun violence. Ask the following questions: When it comes to the rate of gun ownership, that is higher in rural areas than in urban areas, but the murder rate is higher in urban areas. The rate of gun ownership is higher among whites than among blacks, but the murder rate is higher among blacks. Why is it that Vermont, with approximately the same rate of gun ownership as Louisiana, has less than one-eighth the murder rate? It’s not guns... it's the people. There are no dangerous weapons...Only dangerous people...
So what. Another hearing with John Koskinen. The arrogant SOB will just thumb his nose @ Congress and say; "Whaddya' gonna' do?"
We're a 'minority' because none of us is living in her circle. We're 'terrorizing people. People like her because 'they' all know 'they' have to get all our guns before 'they' can really ramp up their worldview for this nation.
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