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I'd be willing to pony up the money for them to shoot you...
So; these people come over here illegally and then demand benefits from our government. I have a crazy idea: Why don't they 'grow a pair' and take their own country back from the robber barrons running it like we did 238 F-ing years ago?
We won't hear a word about this in the MSM. But thank God that all those networks were all over that Republican Staffer that dared to critize the Emperor's children...
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A Dash to the Right

joQQeb Wrote: Dec 03, 2014 11:03 AM
The most interesting section of this esay is under the sub-title of "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is" I wish liberals would do that. If they believe all illegal aliens should be welcomed into this country then th3ey should all go out and invite an illegal family to permenantly live in their home. If they believe that all poor people should have the same access to health care as they do then they should freely spend their money on insurance premiums for those people. Dont' tell me I have to do any of these things unless you've already done that. One you have spent every penny of your disposable income to support the indolent, then and only then, can you demand that I do the same...
Holy Christmas! We can 'give' 5 million illegal immigrant a 'path' to SNAP, housing asistance he EITC, the CTC, and a host of other entitlements but for the men and women who volunteer to place themselves between us and the horror of war; we cut their benifits? I'm ashamed to be an American...
This story will die & disappear. For one; his enablers will say it was only because he was emotionally distraught over the grand jury decision. Second; the ploice would have to be able to prove that people who heard his coments were later filmed carrying out his demands.This story will go nowhere.
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Nothing on Terry Bean

joQQeb Wrote: Dec 03, 2014 8:40 AM
Having the correct political viewpoint will excuse a lot of 'shortcommings'. Particularly those which involve little children.
What else should a syncopant college provide to her holiness whan they request that she 'grace' them with her presence?
So; this is what they are teaching the nutcases at Georgetown these days, huh?
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Report: 'Dark Days Ahead' for Obamacare

joQQeb Wrote: Dec 02, 2014 2:23 PM
Here’s the real long-term problem: Health insurance, like everything else you purchase never retreats, it always advances. My old premiums were $4,454.88 annually. For that my family got $35co-pays for Dr. visits, $50 co-pays for specialist visits, $125 co-pays for Emergency Room visits, and 805 – 20% cost sharing on hospital stays up to $2,500 then the insurance would pick up 100% Now, our annual premium is $6,375.12; a 30% increase. There has also been added a $1,000 deductible before benefits kick in because the ACA requires all health insurance plans to have a deductible. Instead of receiving the co-pays for Dr. and/or specialist visits. We now pay 100% of the cost of these visits until we’ve paid $1,000 out-of-pocket. My wife and I each visit our Dr. @ twice a year. At $125 per office visit and an additional $150 in bloodwork each visit it comes to exactly $1,100 per year. So now we get the privilege of paying over $6,000 a year plus $1,000 out-of-pocket to collect a $100 benefit every year. My point: Even if the ACA were repaired today, who thinks the insurance company would move our policy back to where it was in 2013? Nobody; that’s who. That ship sailed last year. Our policy will, from this day forward, always exist in its present form and we’ll never see those ‘good old days’ again.
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