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WE can't afford to quibble here. Brown is a better choice, if for no other reason, than to keep Barack Obama from spending his last two years in office completing the transformation of the USA into his home country of Kenya...
Senator Landrieu has three choices left: Bekins, Mayflower or U-Haul.
SHe should just save her money and not repalce the guy. SHe's gonna' need the cash once her cushy job in Washington DC ends.
Yeah...Like the press is just finding out now that the Obama White House lies. The MSM has been complicit in spreading this administration's lies for years. "Well we in the MSM just like they in the White House are just so much smarter than average Americans. We're gonna' spread this version of the story because it accomplished the proper ending." Apparently; the MSM NEVER thought that the White House was thinking the same about them that they think about us. Hahahahaha! Joke's on them!
Of course American-born ISIL terrorists are 'entitled' to return to this country. This administration purposfully set out, as soon as the 1st election was over, to turn this into an example of what a 3rd world country should be. A ruined economy, a ruined healthcxare system that has a runaway outbreak of a deadly disease, porous borders, extremist threats, rampant unemployment, skyrocketing energy costs. Barack Obama must feel right at home now because he's turned this great nation into Kenya!
I wish he'd tell AT&T Wireless...Because they're charging me ooldes of money for WiFi at my
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Teacher Indoctrination

joQQeb Wrote: Oct 08, 2014 8:51 AM
There is a distinct difference between a liberal and a leftist
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joQQeb Wrote: Oct 08, 2014 8:47 AM
I'd be willing to bet lunch that the 'reason' these 'discrepencies' came to light this year is because of the dwindling revenues of the town. People move out, people lose homes, businesses close. All these thing directly effect the revenue the town generates in sales tax, property tax, and infrastructure taxes. But we all know no government believes it should ever do with less.
No political party can claim to respect universal human civil rights while simultaneously failing to protect the civil rights of the most innocent & helpless among us. The administration's ACA treats pregnancy like a disease to be 'cured' or wiped out. I see nothing in the law regarding free in-vitro fertilization, or free medical treatments for women that want to concieve. In order for something to be a right it must be accessable to the widest majority of citizens possible. But the ACA discriminates because you only get 'free' stuff as long as you're trying to kill a fetus, not nurtuer one. so; the 'women's reproductive rights' arguement is a sham...and a shame as well
Don't know that anyone can really f**k the coal industry. Since the EPA is fixin' to 'strangle' coal fired electrical plants in the US with onerous regulations. Coal mines will just pivot and begin selling their product to China; which opens another coal-fired electrical plant every week. It will still get mined, shipped, and used. It's just not us that'll be getting the electricity.
Really? American soldiers/citizens ae more 'barbaric' than ISIL? Proof that he is wrong is this continued existane. If we ere truly the 'barbarians' we'd have tossed this bugger's butt off a building by now...
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