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There is an opportunity for the House to 'steal a march' on President Obama and Harry Reid. THe current request from the White House is for a total of $4.4 billion. The White House added $625 million for Wildfire Relief. The idea here was to beat any Republicans over the head with "He voted against wildfire relief" ads during the upcoming campaign season if they didn't play ball with the President. The House should approve a $10 billion Bill. $3.7 billion for streamlining the processing of people who have already crossedthe border, $625 million for Wildfire relief, and $5.67 billion to immediately secure the border. All contracts for both the security piece and the process improvement piecs must be assigned and underway before the fiscal year ends on September 30th 2014. Write into the law that the border security contracts must be in place before any other money can be spent. Let the Democrats either say it's too much money, or lament that the spigot will be turned off on future democrat voters or scream whatever they want. Dare the Senater to pass another version and send it to conference or better yet dare Harry not to bring it up for a vote.
Noted that Davis Atkins didn't comment on any specific issues. Evidentially, he cannot win a debate on the issues so he resorts to degrating his opponents...
"With one ruling handed down this week, five men in black robes decided that we should return to policies of the 1950s and ask our bosses’ permission to receive basic preventive health care." No Cindi; it sets ya'll back to 2007 when if you wanted contraceptives you went to WalMart and paid $12 for a month's supply. Besides; It's feminists like yourself that are constantly telling us to "Stay out of your uterus" and so we shall. Buy your own damn birth control!
Saul Alinsky knew. And Obama is an organizer along the lines of Alinsky. One of Alinsky's 'Rules-for-Radicals' was to unite a group through conflict with an external antagonist. The groups to unite are Illegal Aliens & leftist progressive 'open-border' radicals. The identified antagonist is everyone who does not belong to one of the aforementioned groups.
So; her only 'claim-to-fame' is her filibuster of an abortion bill? The way democrats choose national candidates these days that's a thick enough resume to run her for President in 2016. Especially after she fails in the Texas Governor's race.
Here's a good one I use all the time. I tell my progressive friends that I'm all in favor of limiting semi-automatic handgum magazines to 10 rounds. Then I complain that the magazine in my .50 cal Desert Eagle only holds 7 rounds and I want my 10 round magazine! You should see the horror on thier faces when I tell them I can shooot through a cinder block wall from 30 yards with this hand-cannon!
THe real issue here is when did it become impossible for a business owner to conduct his 'business' as he/she sees fit. If a business owner wants to enforce an 'English only rule' he/she should be able to do that and the marketplace will vote with it's feet. If customers don't like it that the customer service dept only speaks english they dont' have to buy the product. If enough don't purchase the company goes out of business. More likely though such a business would have to put on extra people because most Americans would rather hear english than anything else.
*412 = $12. Bad
Apparently; an un-enumerated 'right' to reproductive healthcare trumps the 1st Amendment Religious Freedom of a Privately owned business that has no stockholders. Lord Forbid! Whatever were women doing before Obamacare! Oh, yeah,they were going to Walgreen's and paying 412 a month themselves for contraception. Religion, according to the left, is no reason not to provide abortofactants to women for free. And while we're on the subject: If this is a 'reproductive' right shouldn't such a right be extended to the most people possible for it to be a true right? Where is the part of Obamacare that provides free fertility treatments and free pre-natal care to women who dont' treat pregnancy as some type of infection? SHouldn't reproductive health, to be a right, have to be extenmded to men aswell? Free vasctomies, and free testicular cancer screenings/treatments. In order for something to be a right it must be as widely available to the largest segment of the population possible. But all Obamacare concerns itself with is preganacy prevention. like trying to wipe out polio or something. Absolutely not a right. Under such circumstances this can only be considfered a privilage.
"She said children in the camp had measles, scabies, chicken pox and strep throat as well as mental and emotional issues." Great! So after spending billions to 'control' these illnesses we allow people who are sick to enter the country then spread them out all over the palce to mingle w/citizens. I guess once we are all as dirty and sick as these people Obama will feel as if he's finally made us equal to the rest of the world.
All you need to know about this is to look at the NBC News Headline about the same situation. It says; "Bus Carrying migrants moves on from California border post." Not a sdingle word about these people crossing the border illegally. They were supposedly 'fleeing violence in their Central American countries'.
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