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The issue that is central to all the ‘goings-on’ of this administration is the canon of progressivism that, because they are so much more informed and educated than the masses, that the ends (their programs) justify the means. Destroying the career of an opponent, burying the facts of an investigation, slow walking FOIA requests, blatantly lying about how a piece of legislation is going to affect citizens. It’s all fair game to them because it is imperative that we all live under their superior teachings.
Wha I think they need to do is to pass the CR to continue to fund the government and then the Congress should pass a resolution to take up Immigration Reform once the Budget is done next cycle.
So; CNN is shocked, shocked they say, that the administration would lie to them. They've known for years that progressives lieall the time to theAmerican people. That's how they get these idiotic ideas to pass in the first place. What CNN is most upset about is that apparently this time they themselves were 'left out' of the inner circle.
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Meet the Snobocrats

joQQeb Wrote: Nov 20, 2014 9:25 AM
That's exactly what will happen. Obamacare isnt' going to effect any of the elitist liberals as they will have the means to circumvent the system. The President's announcement tinoght will just give the elisist liberals an endless supply of nannies, gardeners, and house maids. It's not Thier social security numbers that were used by these illegals to get work. They were ours. The liberal elite in this country bones the average citizen every day and the 'stupid' people that always vote democrat are just repeating the phrase; "Thank you sir! May I have another?"
The real issue here is why is this news? Every person who pays attention to politics her in America knows that liberals lie. Both sides of the political isla know th3y do. Liberals know they have to lie to disguise the actual intent of their ideas, and conservatives know that liberals will lie about anything to counter-point any debate point.
THis will actually change little for these people. When Obama did his first end-run around Congress on immigration all he did was stretch a 5 month process into a 15 month process by dumping 1 million more people into the system. It has NEVER gotten caught up. So; when he dumps an additional 5 million ionto the system that should just about break the bank and no one will bne able to complete their processing.
So; This ad has driven Cassidy's lead from 15% to 14% huh?
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Enabling the Delusional Democrats

joQQeb Wrote: Nov 19, 2014 8:30 AM
This is always the central theme. If Democrats win elections, they rub republicans' noses in it saying; "If you EVER want to win, you have to be more like us." If Democrats lose elections; it's not the policy, it's the 'messaging'.They'll say; "The American voter wasnt' 'smart' enough to understand how much better off they would be with us in charge."
Just wait until the Ferguson Grand Jury comes out. Anything less that an indictment of the police officer and that town will burn. You see, since this kid's great-great-great grandparents MIGHT have been slaves it gives him and all other blacks license to do practically anything they want. Street gangs are to America what ISIL is to the Middle East
THis is a 'lame-duck' session of the Senate. I don't think Harry Reid is allowing Republicans decide in what order any legislation comes to the floor.
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