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Maybe he thinks we're all too stupid to check the video tape...
Every time we change their name it's like another 'at bat'. Maybe we'll get the policy right with ISIS. Oops that didnt' work: Let's develop a policy to fight ISIL. Darn, that didn't work. Let's try again to degrade Deash. Once this policy falls through we'll give them yet another name so we can take another crack at them. Crazy!
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Obama's Anti-Work Agenda

joQQeb Wrote: Dec 12, 2014 1:37 PM
Let's not forget that if an employer hires an American citizen he has to pay health care, but if he hires a previously 'undocumented' worker the employer will earn a monetary incentive for doing so.
THe issue is that under the pretense of 'evolving' progressive values we face the possibility of turning absolutely disgusting behavior into 'acceptable' behavior. WHenm you can ensure a person is fired and guarenteed that he wiol not be able to work ever again just by pointing a finger and shouting; "j'accuse"! we end up accepting all types of deviant behavior because of moreal equivilency. Should a person be fired from his job for not holding the 'acceptable' progressive beliefs on homosexuality? Should a group of college students have their entire productive lives ruined because a woman says "They did it!" and it is accepted as gospel just because she said it?. SHould we strive so hard to have 'empathy' for our enemies that rather than i8mprison and try enemies, we try to see their side and constantly appease them so 'they will like us'? In short; should we all adopt the current progressive manner of defining victims and treating those victims 'oppressors' as pirahas? Or should we bring some sense to this debate and decide that people are entitled to their opinions, that foes that strive to cut off our heads should not be coddled, and that accusers of henious crimes must have an indisputable body of evidence to present before we intentionally ruin some one else's life? In short, should we just be the swooning progressive panty-waists or should we bring some skepticism and common sense to these subjects?
Well; join the club Nancy. A little late to the party, eh? The rest of America has been enormously dissappointed in the White House since about January 22nd of 2009!
Jihadists have killed over 5,000 people this year and Senator Feinstien is in high dungeon over the fact that we make captured jihadists 'uncomfortable'. What a complete moron! ANd yes I noticed the vehicle. It was a HUMvee that we 'gave' to the IRaqui Army when Obama ordered all of us out.
I noticed that her Highness Elizabeth Wrren the 1st directed her Democrat House members tovote against this bill because there was something about rolling back Dodd Frank that put her panties in a twist and they all gave her the m,iddle finger. That's EXACTLY the response she deserved too. Who does she thing she is? A freshman Senator who wants to tax employeers until bolld shoot out of their eyes>
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Obama Bails Out Boehner On Spending Bill

joQQeb Wrote: Dec 11, 2014 2:48 PM
Well; at least it looks as if they are trying to play nice. Let's hope that cooler heads prevail and they go into the Hoilday on a positive note.
If it does really hapen we'll be back to the same oold "Republicans refused to comprimise with liberals so the government shut down IMHO the government has been 'shut-down for @ 15 years!
Until americans wake up they're going to keep electingthe government they deserve. The most radicalized 15% on each side of the political divide scream past each other and suck all the oxygen out of the room leaving no place for the 'reasonable' 70% of those of us in the middle to actually debate the different methods of best solving what we see as the issues.THe President, Harry Reid, John Boehner etc dont' seem to realize that the definition of 'comprimise' is that neither side gets 100% of what it wants. You don't win a policy debate by sticking your thumb in your opponents eye.
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