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Just another verse in the same old song. Politicians go to Washington to do good and end up doing well instead...In her family's case very well; to the tune of over $400 k
There is actually a slew of evidence out there that Voter ID laws increase participation at the polls. Don't believe me...Just Google it and read some of the articles
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says; "There are no angry protests around the state Capitol, no nasty threats aimed at Republican legislators." In another life (before retirement) Iwas the Production Manager for a fast paced manufacturing facility. As a manager, you could tell how good a job you were doing by how many times your name appeared on the Men's Room Wall. The more they complained, the better the company did.
Because there's a 'disconnect' between religion and politics. Most believing Christians do not take Jesus saying; "feed the hungry, clothe the naked, care for the sick, and visit the incarcerated' as a personal challenge. They believe that 'feed the hungry' means have the state force money from producers in order to ensure the indolent have food. A clear mis-understanding of Christian belief and the Savior's intent.
When Wendy Davis loses the election she can take Debbie Wassermann Shultz's place as DNC chair. What a pair! DWS and Wendy!
But a Senator who votes with the President 97% of the time is occupying 'middle ground' according to the MSM...Because no on agrees with 100% of what POTUS has done... But 97% or 93% like AR Senator Mark Pryor? Sure; why not?
Even democrats know that their titular Party Head is selling snakeoil. But they'll keep voting the party line as it is better to elect a proven, crooked democrat than an extremist republican
So ow the TSA who has a record of stopping exactly zero potential terrorists from boarding any flight to anywhere since the TSA was formed, is our first line of defense against a virus that has a 70% kill rate. I feel better already...
Despite what the government is actually telling us about the low level danger of ebola infection; here's how you vcan tell this is a crisis of absolutely epic proportions...Persident Obama has cancelled two days of fund raising...
Absolutely incredible! Less than two weeks ago Dr. Thomas Frieden, head of the CDC said "We're going to stop Ebola in its tracks!" Now we find out that Ebola booked round trip airfare from Dallas to CLeveland and back again. THe entire government is made up of nothing but a$$ Clowns
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