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And all of this is brought to you by the self-proclaimed party of tolerance & diversity...The Democrats will tolerate anything accept an opnion that differs from thier ow, The Democrats are also a diverse bunch; as long as the blacks, women, gays, and people fropm all other races and creeds stick to the Democrat Party line...
"Can Democrats kiss this seat goodbye? Maybe not. But it’s clear Sink’s decision will make it easier for Jolly to keep his seat, and make it that much harder for Democrats to win back the House." Win back the House? Bwahahahahaha!
So; if the State of New York can ban weapons because the 'look' scary, can we enact a law that prohibits people like Nancy Pelosi, Hiillary Clinton, and Harry Reid from running for office for the same reason?
In the article this phrase occurs: "In any case, Sodexho says it's made as many adjustments as it can to mitigate the damage, but the law is the law -- and it has consequences: " So; a business can recognize this fact, but an administration and an entire political party in the US cannot?
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Statistical Frauds

joQQeb Wrote: Apr 15, 2014 8:28 AM
Here is the additional problem with such issues being touted by liberals. They 'pretend' toi care about these issues; racism, sexism, etc. They say that the electorate should vote for democrats as they will 'protect' these various victim's groups from those uncaring conservatives. THen, after the ploy has worked and they've been re-elected, they IGNORE those same groups for the next 18 months and absolutely nothing gets done. Then, six months before the next election, they start to play this same old song once again. Just look at African Americans. THe liberal/democrat party has held them hostage for almost two generations, but has done absolutely nothing for them in between elections.
I've said this before; Obamacare isn't broken. It's working exactly the way it was intended. Thr intention was to screw up medical insurance and access to care so throughly so people would demand it be fixed. Of coures; the belief of democrats is the only true 'fix' is single-payer
THe difference between those of us who live in the country and city-folk. In the cities major media covers people screaming that; "Women only make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes!" or they cover those who bleat that;" Hobby Lobby should be 'forced' to provide free birth control to women because it is our 'right!" Meanwhile; people in Nevada are screaming; "What about freedom & individual Liberty?" Now; which group understands America better?
What Brent95 has left out is that the land in question is 'owned' by the State of Nevada and that BLM 'by-passed' the state courts ( where they would have surely lost) and went to Federal Court. Can you get a 'fair' and 'impartial' verdict out of a court that belongs to the entity you are in dispute with? I think not. As far as the back story is concerned Harry Reid's son works for the law firm that was trying to secure 9,000 acres of this land at less-than-market-value prices. THe Bundy's family has been grazing this land since Nevada became a state. All of thier state fees & taxes are paid in full. If they are guilty of anything; it is refucing to kiss the fedreal government's a$$.
What you need to realize Mary; is that lying in order to defeat conservatives is a completely viable way for any liberal to ascend to office...
Now that he's been caught red-handed; Representative Elijah Cummings will just say; "My staff contacted the IRS about True the Vote without my personal knowledge." Isnt' that how liberal democrats always wriggle out from under a delibrate lie?
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