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There is only one way that the Administration's treatment od Israel makes sense is this: Barack Obama equates American Allies to the American people. Whenever BArack Obama issues an edict that screws over 70% of the American electorate. He believes our ONLY response is; "Thank you sir, may I have amtoher." Any other response is racism, extremism or some other kind of 'ism' that, in his mind is not helpful. Same with Israel. THey are our allies; so they have as much say in hoiw the US conducts foreign policy as taxpaying citizens have regarding domestic policy. He will tell you how you are supposed to react to his decisions. To react incorrectly, in his view, is to undermine his genius. Netanyahu knows that if Iran gets a nuclear weapon it's first test will be on Israel. Obama knows this too. The ONLY restraint that Obama will pout on Iran is to say; "Do not bomb Israel until January 21st 2017 when I am out of office." That way he can lay claim to the idea that he did what no other president has ever done; Bring 'supposed' peace to the Middle East. When the explodes and Isreal ia anniliated on January 21st 2017 he will say it is the American People's fault because they elected a Republican...
At the same time there are some questions we should all expect the presumptive Presidential Democrat candidate to answer: When did you stop taking foreign monetary donations to your political campaign? Is there ANY accomplishment you can point ot during your tenure as Secretary of State that would inspire us to confidence in your ability to actually 'conduct' oreign policy? And finally; exactly when did you finally stop sleeping with other women?
This is SO wrong on so many levels. First let’s reveal the recipe right here in this article. REALLY SMART! Second let’s all believe an announcement from the TSA, who is less than 24 hours from getting their paychecks cancelled. Am I just cynical, or does the timing of this ‘we need to be more vigilant than ever’ anno8uncement contain curious timing, hmmm? And all this from an agency whose major function seems to be the deliberate delay, groping, and humiliation of countless men, women, and children of all ages while being paid to act like perverts. Oh; and let’s visit the track record as well. Remind me please exactly how many terrorist plots has the TSA uncovered and thwarted since the Agency was created? Oh yes, I remember now EXACTLY ZERO!
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FCC Approves 'Net Neutrality' Regulations

joQQeb Wrote: Feb 26, 2015 4:13 PM
If you want to understand what just happened here. Imagine digitizing the complancy, laziness and poor service you used to ascribe to the post office. Soon that's how well netflix will work. Just as the auto company bailout was engineered by a bunch that never owned a car, and Healthcare.gov was designed by people that never built a website, now the entire internet will be run by people that cant' even keep track of their own email accounts. Woopeee!
A fw could expect anything else from career GOP politicians!. They are always SO worried that the MSM is going to 'blame' them for something. I guess they have yet to figure out that the MSM blames them for EVERYTHING! Obamacare website is broke? GOP's fault. Obama added $8 trillion to the debt? Actually'; it's the GOP's fault. Freezing across the entire US? Yep, you guessed it; it's the GOP's fault. These guys are NEVER going to grow a pair and need to be replaced.
Yep. And the Teacher's Union and the other public service unions will back Chuy Garcia in the run-off, get all their pension & benefits back and Chicago will be the next Detroit in another 5 years Yah baby. I love to watch hoggish unions ruin once great cities...
None of the Democrats will be in the chamber when Netanyahu addresses the Congeress, because they will not sit still and listen to anything that goes against their pre-concieved notions.
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GOP Double-Crossing Traitors

joQQeb Wrote: Feb 19, 2015 8:16 AM
Now that Judge Andrew Henan's stay is in place, there is no reason not to fund DHS. This case is headed for SCOTUS. We just have to sit back and watch the train wreck.
The NYT describes conservative upset over an overreach by the executive branch as "intransigence". But the Senate Democrats that are willing to shut down Homeland Security because the tantrum-throwing Obama didn't get his funding for his executive over-reach are taking a 'measured' stand? You can't make this stuff up!
This administration cannot 'address' the legitimate grievences of the opposition party. How do they expect to address the 'legitimate' grieveances of Islamic Fundamentalists; which seem to boil down to "You don't believe in Allah, so you must stop breathing..."
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