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Why on Earth would any illegal want to "come out of the shadows"??? Heck, I'm willing to join them in the shadows. Here's an idea for an amendment: remove all financial penalties for those of us who want to leave. Then we can hire a coyote to sneak us back into the country. If I hurry, I can be back in time to mow the lawn as a FREE MAN.
"but no other state has routinely blocked long-term American interests like Russia." Hmm, "long-term American interests".....de-industrialize the country, incur massive debt, destroy capitalism, drive Christians and conservatives underground, flood the country with the entire Third World, render the Constitution meaningless,.... go Russia?
You through eating! You go home now! By the time I'm elderly, all medical professionals will be immigrants with the same bedside manner as this IRStasi agent.
President Jarrett to Cummings: "You've been a little too uppity. Don't you know your place?" Cummings to President Jarrett: "Sorry! Sorry! I'll try to do better." President Jarrett to Cummings: "I know you will."
You're going to have to provide a link. All I found was jibberish. "Reddit is 90% liberal"
Indeed. We've been right all along.
Your boy makes Bush look like Lord Acton.
I never trust the media. There is an agenda. At first I thought the IRS thing was blown up to detract focus from Benghazi. I'm now beginning to think that they are goading us to fight. I'm perplexed, to say the least. The media didn't just decide to "all of a sudden" start doing their jobs. They are, and will always be, socialists.
Hey, hey, hey! Nixon could never be this bad. He had too much honor.
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