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Leno's Law: Extra Parent Could Split Baby More Ways

jonkanner Wrote: Aug 05, 2012 10:32 PM
Yeah! that's what I love about living in California. No matter how crazy some folks think I may be for stayin' here in this nut-house, the government will always provide some poster-child for over-the-edge, gone-totally-beyond-wacky, world-class lunatic make me seem sane by comparison. Thank you Mr Leno. The weather is nice here, I'd hate to have to leave just to preserve an appearance of sanity.
State Sen. Mark Leno wants California to recognize that a child can have "more than two legal parents." So he wrote a bill, SB 1476, which, he argues, wouldn't change the definition of a parent -- for example, live-in lovers would not qualify -- but would allow family court to recognize more than two parents only "when it is required to be in the best interest of the child." He stresses that if the bill becomes law, "none of our sponsors or supporters believe that this authority will be used very often."

SB 1476 is for rare cases, Leno argues, like that...