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Yes, Progressives, God Made Farmers

JonInTexas Wrote: Feb 05, 2013 10:55 PM
Yea Cambermeister... An American company like Chrysler should only do business in Amerikkaka! How dare they expand operations overseas. And yep, now the "E"lection is over and those pesky folks in California and Maryland/Virginia are forgetting...about... what? I'm from Texas and would have loved for the Cowboys to go to the SB but... we suck here. lol

What was it about the Dodge' commercial, "God Made a Farmer," that stirred the souls of so many Americans during the Superbowl? Maybe it was the imagery of the dirt and grit of real America, not the white-washed concrete meccas many of us call home. Maybe for just a moment we were unplugged from our instant and superficial world and taken back to a time when we were captivated by God's creation, not what our friends were doing on Facebook. Or maybe it was just the quintessential sound of American icon, the late Paul Harvey, whose voice wraps around you like...