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Yea! F$#k the EU!!!!
Oh, I'm here you Putin loving jerk. I'm here.
You idiots assume that this is news because of what was said. Morons. This is news because Putin wanted to lead you around like puppies. He released the tape to make y'all bleat like sheep. I believe the technical term is... Useful idiots.
If you looked up productivity graphs it would cause an actual blip in them. Nothing drags an average down like a negative loser.
That's a crazy translation. I guess if you want it put on your tombstone the number of hours you worked for the man... that's your right. But that's all you brah.
You can't read very well... Try again.
Whose side are you on? The employers or free people?
Thanks for the discusooos folks. It makes me sad that y'all can actually believe your fellow Americans are the enemy. We disagree. That's as American as our founding. Read up on The Cato Papers and I think you'll find that your current views were well represented by the losing side of the founders. It's nothing new. They were losing thoughts back then and they are losing thoughts now. Goodnight and may your butts hurt less through knowledge of the past.
Bush being President for 8 years with a Republican Congress for 5 years had nothing to do with it. Clinton's fault. Got it. I guess I forgot it was all Clinton's fault.
I googled that very clearly stated premise and found google said you aren't telling the truth. What bubble term do I need to search for in order to enter your madness?
Very convenient. And true, to a degree. I do not deny that I knew folks who were tired of him. Just as I'm well tired of Obama. It's natural. But I voted for Obama and don't disown him because... well that's a whole different thread. But I assure you it is reasoned even if many here would disagree.
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