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Since there haven't been any Benghazi stories for a week on TH... I'll just mention this here. There was no “stand down” order issued to U.S. military personnel in Tripoli who sought to join the fight in Benghazi.
I seriously need to stop coming to this website and interacting with you folk. Once Hillary is POTUS y'all will get even worse. I can't keep doing this to myself for the next 10 years. It reminds me of when I was a kid and used to watch those late night televangelists... Drove me nuts!! And the thing is... I don't do that anymore. I have hope! Hope!
Wow... You just don't get it. You truly are a useful idiot... but I bet you don't know what that means.
I would submit to you that "appointees" have always cursed when talking about other countries and political organizations going back to... oh... the beginning of time? Again... the only thing unusual is that it's in the news and you respond like a doll on a string.
Dole? It was Quayle. Funny how you respond to silly comments but not to serious ones. Funny sad not funny haha.
A power-play between Russia and America over Ukraine and people here take the side of Putin. There's nothing unusual about diplomatic conversations being spied on... What is very unusual is them being released for public consumption. Why would they do that? Eat it up.
And that is? Potatoe. It's delicious with bangers or a coney.
What an interesting world you live in. What exactly is stolen again? 1/3 of the federal budget goes to defense... 1/3 goes to medicaid... 1/3 goes to social security. The rest is a pittance. If you had a job and weren't a leech like you claim to despise... you'd know that you pay in to medicaid and social security every check... just like the people now receiving the benefits did. The world actually does exist outside of your narrow and petty perception. I feel sorry for you.
That's some impressive potato.
Yea! F$#k the EU!!!!
Oh, I'm here you Putin loving jerk. I'm here.
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