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The 10th Amendment and Phony Federalism

JonC017 Wrote: Apr 18, 2012 5:14 PM
I think that this article really sets up how people need to look at federalism and the 10th ammendment. Its funny to think about the number of people that talk highly of this ammendment after not really saying anying about it for years. The comparison in the begging of the article is right on. I bet that most of the Republicans, that talk so highly of the 10th ammendment, would think differently if they were apart of federal level and not the state level. Its like they only want to use it as reinforcement only if it is helping them and not hurting them. As the Federal Government gets bigger and bigger, federalism becomes more and more of a joke.
I think that this article really lays out the power of and influence that Interest Groups have in an election or on a campaign. In order to do anything in politics you need to have money and usually the person with the most money wins the majority of the time. They have the power to put out more advertisements, TV commercials, and many other types of media with their face and their message to the public. The only way for these people to get most of their money however is through an Interest Group. By doing this it gives the Interest Group almost control over the politician on what he is going to stand for or what issues they will cover. Its important to be heard on issues but the money that Interest Groups spend is just crazy.
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