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How Will Hurricane Sandy Affect the Election?

Jonathan6 Wrote: Oct 30, 2012 9:22 AM
"Ask Germaine" This has got to be a put on. No one is so ridiculously partisan that they'd say things like you've said about blacks and whites. No one thinks so little of black people as to believe a storm would affect them in ways others are not affected. Snap out of it, Germaine. Wake up.

Yesterday we saw Mitt Romney cancel all campaign events for Tuesday and President Obama is camped out in the White House monitoring the federal response to Hurricane Sandy, despite Bill Clinton immediately politicizing the situation. Although the presidential campaigns are physically at a stand-still, many are wondering how Hurricane Sandy will effect the election next week. Sandy has the potential to knock out power for weeks and will effect 60 million people in some way.

POLITICO's Morning Score provided some ideas yesterday:

1) It's hard to see how the storm helps Romney.