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A Primer on Race

Jonathan55 Wrote: Jul 08, 2014 3:39 PM
Can your truth be backed up by facts, data and solid references?
One that feels constrained by the Constitution would be a good start. One that believes a law means what it says,nothing more and nothing less. One that does not see an elected role as the path to millions of dollars upon retirement.
Marriage is a sacrement. Civil governments have no business issuing marriage licenses to anyone, straight or gay. This is a religious event. Civil government should only issue civil union registration certificates; then there is no issue of separate but equal, because there is no separation. If someone wants to get married, they go to a church.
So you are OK with aborting a baby because the mother does not want a black child?
You don't have to. Just read Gates and Geithner's books.
So who told him to go to Benghazi?
Here is the memo; show me the "actionable intelligence". What action would you have taken? "Clandestine, foreign government, and media reports indicate bin Laden since 1997 has wanted to conduct terrorist attacks in the US. Bin Laden implied in U.S. television interviews in 1997 and 1998 that his followers would follow the example of World Trade Center bomber Ramzi Yousef and "bring the fighting to America." After U.S. missile strikes on his base in Afghanistan in 1998, bin Laden told followers he wanted to retaliate in Washington, according to a -- -- service. An Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ) operative told - - service at the same time that bin Laden was planning to exploit the operative's access to the U.S. to mount a terrorist strike. The millennium plotting in Canada in 1999 may have been part of bin Laden's first serious attempt to implement a terrorist strike in the U.S. Convicted plotter Ahmed Ressam has told the FBI that he conceived the idea to attack Los Angeles International Airport himself, but that in ---, Laden lieutenant Abu Zubaydah encouraged him and helped facilitate the operation. Ressam also said that in 1998 Abu Zubaydah was planning his own U.S. attack. Ressam says bin Laden was aware of the Los Angeles operation. Although Bin Laden has not succeeded, his attacks against the U.S. Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998 demonstrate that he prepares operations years in advance and is not deterred by setbacks. Bin Laden associates surveyed our embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam as early as 1993, and some members of the Nairobi cell planning the bombings were arrested and deported in 1997. Al Qaeda members -- including some who are U.S. citizens -- have resided in or traveled to the U.S. for years, and the group apparently maintains a support structure that could aid attacks. Two al-Qaeda members found guilty in the conspiracy to bomb our embassies in East Africa were U.S. citizens, and a senior EIJ member lived in California in the mid-1990s. A clandestine source said in 1998 that a bin Laden cell in New York was recruiting Muslim-American youth for attacks. We have not been able to corroborate some of the more sensational threat reporting, such as that from a ---- service in 1998 saying that Bin Laden wanted to hijack a U.S. aircraft to gain the release of "Blind Sheikh" Omar Abdel Rahman and other U.S.-held extremists. Nevertheless, FBI information since that time indicates patterns of suspicious activity in this country consistent with preparations for hijackings or other types of attacks, including recent surveillance of federal buildings in New York. The FBI is conducting approximately 70 full-field investigations throughout the U.S. that it considers bin Laden-related. CIA and the FBI are investigating a call to our embassy in the UAE in May saying that a group or bin Laden supporters was in the U.S. planning attacks with explosives."
They had no idea on how long the fighting would last; military men do not give up without fighting, or going the extra yard.
Benghazi is not where the embassy is located, which is in Tripoli, the country's capital. Why was he in Benghazi when every other country had departed? http://dailycaller.com/2014/05/14/trey-gowdy-asks-the-media-some-questions-about-benghazi/
Rep. Gowdy asked some questions of the press. 1.Why was the Ambassador in Benghazi in the first place? 2. Everyone else had left; why was the US consulate still there? 3. Why did Susan Rice and not Hilary Clinton go on the Sunday talk shows to talk about the cause of the attack? Go see the video; bring your own popcorn,it will be an interesting summer for the Democrats. Interesting in a Chinese curse sort of way. http://dailycaller.com/2014/05/14/trey-gowdy-asks-the-media-some-questions-about-benghazi/
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