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Oh, and big ups to Jonathan Quick as well. Gotta stop the other team from scoring, too.
Excuse me a moment, I've got something in my eye. Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to T.J. Oshie- for the comment far more than for the goals (though I'm delighted to have those as well. Go, Team U.S.A.
I asked this Democrat living in my neighborhood what he thought of a google user. He said, 'He's a moron.' He was right.
Over at National Review, there is an excellent article on language that contains this bit of unintentional humor: ... 'the whole civilized tradition of teaching reading and writing, grammar, spelling, correct usage, and rhetoric or “composition,” which public schools attempt to recommence doing every autumn.' Why is that funny? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Michael Schaus, who presumably gets paid to display the fruits of his education (and whose article I otherwise endorse in every way): 'Billions ... has been spent ....', 'Since Al Gore first decided to champion this cause as his defining one thing has been clear ... ' 'Developed nations ... has already heavily invested ... '. Town Hall, please consider this my application for a paid position as copy editor. I really need the work, and so do you all.
But... but... I thought Mr. OBAMA was a Constitutional scholar? And more than that, the smartest guy in whatever room he happened to be? Surely he knows what he's doing? You're damned right he does, and anyone who thinks he gives a flying f@%$ about the Constitution is delusional.
A previous poster already dealt with the reliability of self-reporting of gender-preference.
Are being closeted and coming out to the media the only two options? Is it tough for Sam if I don't know he's gay?
He was talking about Dr. Ben Jonson, the Elizabethan Playwright.
Tim3788 Wrote Chip, by your statement above... you believe yourself to be more equal than those of color. Chip. wrote Separate but equal was a better society with better potential for improvement for everyone. I'm not sure how separate but equal results in more equal, but clearly Chip. is a hater for wishing for 'better potential for improvement for everyone'. Er, that is, if we twist language as violently as Tim3786 is willing to do. After all, what's important here is not that Chip. wished better possibilities for everyone, but that Timmy now feels better about himself.
Why didn't you quote Rev. King on homosexuality?
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Jonathan37 Wrote: Feb 11, 2014 11:48 AM
I believe that that is incorrect. It was sold to the public as a penalty, not a tax, but in arguments before the SC, the administration lawyers used every possibility to try to get a favorable ruling, including saying that the fine was a tax. Apparently, by law or precedent, the court must consider all arguments, and of course it is already long since established that the government has the power of taxation. I believe that Justice Roberts made his ruling in good faith, thinking that tying Obamacare around the president's neck would lead to his being voted out of office and the law being repealed, which would have been a much less divisive way of getting rid of it. But conservatives fielded a weak candidate, failed to support him and screwed themselves. We need to win elections, not prevail by means that the left can easily portray as disenfranchising voters. For the same reason, conservatives need to stop blathering about impeachment. It is the right thing in principle; in reality, it would be an unmitigated disaster for conservatism and the country.
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