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Washington Post to Harry Reid: Yeah, You Lied About Romney's Taxes

Jon901 Wrote: Aug 07, 2012 1:27 PM
Why do they always want to 'move on' and change the subject when they get busted?
bobbit Wrote: Aug 07, 2012 3:23 PM
I disagree with your statement that both sides are acting like 10 year olds. All of these kinds of attacks originate from Obama's side and Romney would be McCainish if he simply ignored them and stayed above the fray. He needs to fight fire with fire because its not about his intelligence but about the intelligence of the stupid voters. I say kick his as s at his own game Mitt!
indy2012 Wrote: Aug 07, 2012 1:52 PM
we agree on what it is....but people and the media that keep covering it are just making it worst...there are people on this board that actually want Reid to release his returns, they are actually playing into all this BS, and that is what scares me......

Both sides have stooped to the level of 10 year olds.....and while they are playing games the rest of us are working 12 hour days every day, and barely getting by.....

Both sides need to grow up...this is not a co ck fight, this is a serious discussion on how we can get our country out of this slump and move forward to the great nation we are supposed to be.....
indy2012 Wrote: Aug 07, 2012 1:43 PM
he didn't get busted, did you read the article?????

"We use a reasonable person standard here. Without seeing Romney’s taxes, we cannot definitively prove Reid incorrect. But tax experts say his claim is highly improbable."

again, no solid proof....I AM NOT DEFENDING HIM...

DO YOU UNDERSTAND, OBAMA is running for president, not Reid....its a f'in trap, to waste money and time on, so that the GOP doesn't focus on the unemployment numbers.....
NV1 Wrote: Aug 07, 2012 1:42 PM
Hey Indy - I'm with you. The whole tax issue is nothing but a smoke screen. They are looking for any issue against Romney that has enough legs to last through election day, but they're not going to find it. Eventually, enough Americans will realize that this is a purely diversionary tactic to keep us from focusing on the utter failure that B.O. is. I just hope that Romney chooses his running mate carefully and doesn't give the dem's any added ammunition.
TXTRUTH Wrote: Aug 07, 2012 1:36 PM
If you understand the article the only person who got busted is Reid.
TXTRUTH Wrote: Aug 07, 2012 1:36 PM
If you understand the article the only person who got busted is Reid.
indy2012 Wrote: Aug 07, 2012 1:30 PM
who is "they"....

I am saying move on because at the end of the day this will serve no positive purpose.....

how about once in the history of the country, one party says we are to grown up to do this, if you liberals want to act like 5th graders that is fine, but we will not stoop to your level....Lets get back to the real issues, Mr. President, why is the unemployment rate 8.3%?

Despite groups like ThinkProgress and people like Nancy Pelosi defending Harry Reid's comments about Mitt Romney not paying taxes for ten years because someone told him so, the Washington Post is giving the Senate Majority Leader four Pinocchios, pointing out that two years of released Romney returns show he paid taxes, making Reid's assertions false right away.

Romney’s 2010 return and his estimated 2011 return do show that he paid substantial taxes in those years. In 2010, he earned nearly $22 million, including $3 million in taxable interest, nearly $5 million in dividends and more than $12...