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All this hysteria is hysterical
Fast fwd to 2014 - Now he thinks it is a 'phony scandal'.
We can be sure the progs are already giving him his script and talking points, and more than once he will blame youtube. And Bush. BUSH!!
The 9th circus will likely find evidence of racism (or some other -ism) and have him freed.
Poor Bill, he always wanted to be a billionaire and never quite made it. So sad.
Lois you parents were paying then, too bad they couldn't keep some of that to get you an education.
Sad part is, we have to actually consider a $1 mil reward to get gov employees to be honest, have morals, and DO THEIR DAMN JOBS! Disgusting.
The progs HATE the bill of rights, and have to be beside themselves that the Supremes are actually giving it weight for a change.
"casually recommended siccing her agency's examination squad onto a sitting United States Senator -- who happened to be the ranking member of the committee that oversees the IRS" That alone should change enough minds in DC to get some to stop the coverup and do the right thing.
I'm so outraged and offended I am going to have to actually watch a soccer game and see what all the hubub is about before I comment. :D
Lois and the others all give that 'screw you' smirk to the congress, because they know (think) their tracks have been covered, and they have white house pardons in their pockets. I hope they are wrong.
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