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Hey, Hee-Haw was harmless and funny. Progressives like Bloomberg are hateful, dangerous, and humorless.
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Obama the Problem Creator

Jon901 Wrote: 3 hours ago (11:39 AM)
Funny, he treated Israel the same way - told Bibi that he needed to calm down and negotiate/comprimise with Hamas to get them to stop firing missiles into Israel. Bib rightfully told him to pound sand.
I'm guessing after 22 years of listening to Clinton BS, people are sick of it.
Who cares what that clueless dingbat thinks.
Yeah, and settled law like the supreme court ruling that Harry and Patty Murray have vowed to negate.
It is really the only issue they stand for, nothing else really matters much.
Ann Coulter called them 'The Abortion Party' a long time ago, it still fits.
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The Petulant President

Jon901 Wrote: Jul 06, 2014 10:53 AM
Our first Indian president! LOL!
Something I do not understand about people like her and Bill- why all the greed and power lust at your advanced age? You made it - why not go enjoy it you last few years, instead of trying to pile more money on the stack that you will never use or need. Is it just a reflex when they get to that stage of life or what?
All this hysteria is hysterical
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