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For being a smooth talker and getting elected.
We ar huked on foniks but dumb as a bag of hammers!
Obama's smidgenssssssss are coming home to roost.
Wonder how much she had to pay Politico for this attempted reputation/image makeover?
How can a DA prosecute a DUI after her little .237 BAC stunt?
You know, that might be good in a way. Imagine how much damage he could do if he was motivated, dedicated, stayed in the office, and worked hard!
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Overdoing the Death of Robin Williams

Jon901 Wrote: Aug 15, 2014 9:27 AM
Christians and Shia Muslims are being slaughtered by the thousands, and our media mostly ignores it but goes on a 3 day bender for Williams. What a disgrace.
Probably so, and they are just getting started. Obama has that blood on his hands, it makes me wonder how he can sleep.
She HAS to lie about everything, she just can't help it.
In a way that is good, because he can't do much damage when he is being distracted with the baubles of the office. Just imagine the damage he could do if he was motivated and dedicated to stay at work and do things!!
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