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During my Army Days I was assigned to work on crowd control and security for the elections in Haiti in 1994-95, now that I see whats happening here, I see that Haiti has had more free, fair, and honest elections than the U.S.
No, Mr. President, it's not your race... its your hypocrisy. On one hand you tell people that you support veterans and in some small ways you make token actions in that direction. But then, based on your own desires, and not the needs of others, you surreptitiously pull the rug out and dump people when they cease being useful. I am a veteran, and you have made many public statements about your support of veterans and even a few political gestures, but the gestures you make are based on what YOU think is expeditious, nothing more. As a veteran, I signed up to serve the country and accepted many promises from the government when I did so. Then you come along and have tried to renege on many of the promises... and essentially commit a "Bait and Switch" tactic. An example of this is your call, which was thankfully beaten back by Congress, for a change in the VA medical system. The original promise was "serve a full career and receive free health care for life", your attempt to destroy that was your proposal that the VA and military healthcare system be converted to private insurance paid for by the soldier. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/03/17/veterans-groups-blast-obama-plan-private-insurance-pay-service-related-health/ Other attacks on veterans can be seen in your pleadings over the debt ceiling, when it looked like Congress was not going to extend the debt ceiling you made several public statements about the possible effects of not extending the debt, and at the top of your list was the idea that you could not guarantee payments to veterans and Social Security retirees without the debt being raised, but there was no mention of cutting off foreign aid, welfare, congressional salaries, research grants for shrimp running n treadmills, research into Vietnamese prostitutes drinking habits or other inane government spending. Only veterans and social security were on your chopping block. So, no Mr. President is is not that I don't like your color, it is that you cannot, as shown by your own actions, be trusted.
How much did your deductible go up? How much of your cheaper insurance premium is paid by subsidy? What will you do when your subsidy gets revoked?
Gillibrand is delusional, I have been watching Obama since he started running the first time, and I have never trusted him, based on his radical ideal and his total lack of experience. Gillibrand says that Obama can regain the trust of the people, but the reality is that she contradicts herself, by citing the small minority of people that Obama care will help, and totally ignoring the majority. People like myself who are harmed by Obama care. The only thing Obama can do to give the appearance of gaining ground, is to run the country even deeper into debt using tax revenue to buy voters for Dems, through more government handouts, Just as he did to get re elected. As for Confidence in Obama from the people??? How can he regain something he never had?
Obama signs Executive Order requiring HIV screening for everyone 16 to 65. http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2013/07/15/executive-order-hiv-care-continuum-initiative
Just like Watergate, we have to peel the onion. Layer by layer since Obama has insulated himself, it will take time to uncover the dirt. For example the Benghazi mess, the Congress subpoenaed records and the White House responded with sever thousand "redacted" (blank) pages. The IRS scandal, first it was just two people in Cincinnati, now it is up to the DC offices of the IRS, we need to continue to dig.
Very appropriate, phony scandals for a phony president. The man has been in office for nearly 5 years and still he is the most unqualified and inexperienced President in U.S. history, As was once said about Obama, by a very intelligent man, "He's the most unqualified person in any room he walks into,"
When I graduated High School, some some 37 years ago, I was in awe of the competency of my teachers, But now after 37 years outside the academic safe haven, and seeing the real world, combined with the total lack of reality from more recent graduates, I have to say that most teachers are really useless blobs of protoplasm that suck up our taxes and give us functionally illiterate kids in return.
During my Army days as a Cavalry Scout, there was a traditional poem called "Fiddler's Green", it told of how Cavalry Troopers never really die they just go to "Fiddlers Green" and engage in great revelry for their 'eternal rest'. If there is any reality to the Fiddlers Green myth, When I arrive there, I am sure that Obama and his cohorts will be spotted moving down the trail, to "seek a warmer scene", and I will laugh and wave as they move on down to hell.
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