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Obama's Deepening Hole

Jon.nine Wrote: Jun 08, 2012 2:08 PM
Obamanomics: Part 1 "Whatever is over and above our needs we posses by robbery and are guilty of the deaths of all the poor whom we could have helped from the surplus." Did President Obama say that? No, but he intimates for the reality of just such resulting from our economic system. Did Marx say that? Not in those words, but yes.
Jon.nine Wrote: Jun 08, 2012 2:09 PM
Obamanomics: Part 2

However, that was Abelard, a 12th century monk, and though perhaps appropriate for a Monastery or Abby at that time, or at least an understandable sentiment from a man whose whole desire and focus was for and on the spirit, it nonetheless betrays the profound ignorance of an often brilliant man. Fore it is during the most rotten of times that surplus is most necessary, as it is surplus that pulls a society through--including, and especially, the poor. Self evident, yes? Any anthropologist or economist worth his salt will tell you that the advance in civilization, understood as diverse complexity, will tell you that advance has proceeded from our ability to produce and increase our surplus.

A raft of new polls underscore the political free fall Barack Obama finds himself in.

As an incumbent president matched against a nominee from the other party who survived a grueling primary season, Obama should be rolling in dough and enjoying a double-digit lead nationally and healthy head-starts in the key battleground states.

Instead he finds himself in a statistical tie in state after state, including the reliably blue states of Michigan, Iowa, Colorado, Nevada.

When it comes to campaign contributions, Mitt Romney outraised the president by $17 million in May!

And of course Wisconsin...

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