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Living the High Life

JoJoXXX Wrote: Mar 12, 2013 1:04 PM
The Chosen One and the Chosen Moochelle never miss an opportunity to validate the black stereotype. Party on, dude and dudette, like it's someone else's money...oh, yeah, right, it is someone else's money. All the better for the ObaMaos.

It's being reported that Adele and Beyonce have been booked to rock The White House on Michelle Obama's 50th birthday.  That should be some party . . .

It's hard to believe that the politics of the sequester have worked out the way the Obama administration intended.  Even their usually-reliable friends in the media have been skeptical, as this report from ABC News demonstrates:

Jonathan Karl concluded the report by noting that the President took a 20-car motorcade to travel a short distance to eat with Republicans -- and suggested that next time he save money...