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Obama is not only coming, he is here...and causing much more destruction than the British ever could. Obama was totally rejected in the election; hell hath no fury like a narcissistic, self-proclaimed messiah...Obama is about to go on a scorched earth executive action rampage.
Get ready, here comes Hillary with "feminist/gender-based politics"...if you disagree with Hillary, you are conducting a "war on women"...
A ticket of Walker for President & Carson for Vice President would produce a wave election for the Republicans.
NO...this is the time to dump Boehner...then a really big celebration.
Congratulations to the people of New Hampshire for their faithful support of Obama. Never have so few done so little for the USA. Thanks and WTF?
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Obama Faces Big Choice After 2014 Debacle

JoJoXXX Wrote: Nov 05, 2014 9:01 AM
Hell hath no fury like a narcissistic, self-proclaimed messiah: Obama is about to go on a scorched earth rampage for the next two years...and who will stop Obama.
Dump Boehner...then, we can really celebrate.
Four really good reasons: 1. Obama is clueless. 2. Reid is an idiot. 3. Pelosi is brain dead. 4. Holder is corrupt.
Vote for Braley: He's ugly and Harken. Another great idea by the Obozo-Crapz.
Obama is hurting the Dems? Obama is killing our country. Wake up.
YO! AmbA$$ador Power, let them stay at your house for the next 21 days. Thanks.
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