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This is the SECOND time Cornyn pulled a "Kerry" by voting "FOR IT" before he voted "AGAINST IT." By voting "FOR" cloture, Cornyn gave Harry Reid a clear field for a simple majority vote on the bill. Texans are not fooled by Cornyn's "Kerry Tactics" and Cornyn must be dumped.
Sadly, this is the only true statement Obama has made since becoming President. The Constitution will not stop him, Congress will not stop him, the Democrats will not stop him, the Republicans will not stop him, the Supreme Court will not stop him. No one stopped Hitler until it was too late; 50 million had to die in WW II to finally stop Hitler. The USA is headed in the same direction...actually, we are almost there.
Reach across the aisle to the Democrats. Get stabbed in the back. Good, very good. Will RINOs ever learn?
Hopefully, Boehner and Ryan will be "unlikely" to return in 2015.
The "Lady McDeath Award" goes to Pelosi for her support of child murder and Catholic values; thanks Planned Parenthood.
Just like ObamaCare, our Immigration Laws are the "Laws of the Land." Our Immigration Laws are not nearly as "broken" as is the ObamaCare Law. The only thing that is more "broken" is our Federal Government and the corrupt politicians that run it.
To the Good People of Pennsylvania: You voted for Obama, not once, but twice. You are a deep red state, you love the Democrats. You voted for the Democrats for decades. You believed their lies for decades. In the 2014 election you will again vote for the Democrats. You will not learn from your mistakes, not now, not ever, never. Deal with your stupidity, it's all you have left.
Conservatives are poised to embrace pitchforks and storm the RNC.
Gun owners are building a database of ignorant, Obama loving libtards. It is the Madam La Farge list of all who will be held accountable at the Nuremberg USA Trials. Coming soon, very soon, to a state near you.
...and lots of blacks own tons of stocks. WTF?
Lots of cry baby dependent & entitled voters out there...and their population is growing.
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