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The day that the Republican RINOs have to "hire" black Democrat voters to win a primary race for a clueless, blithering RINO is the day I quit the Republican Party. Today is the day. RINO scum, nothing but RINO scum.
Clinton Candidacy Imperiled by Gross Incompetence.
Keep on keepin' on validating the black stereotype.
Obama & Rangel voters/supporters/acolytes never miss an opportunity to validate the black stereotype.
Wendy "Lady McDeath" Davis was clusless....then, now, forever.
Got "Income Inequality"?
Please...NO mass killing pictures today! Obama is busy playing golf. Maybe tomorrow for the pictures? Or the next day...or? WTF.
"Global warming...too hot to concentrate on Fast & Furious, Benghazi, IRS, VA, Ukraine, Iraq, to play golf...not too hot for that...then a White House party 'til dawn...yeah, that's what I gotta do as President. Cool." Random thoughts from Obama.
Hillary Clinton is a plummet.
Nothing but pond scum.
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