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Obama tells Pelosi, "I enormously don't care what you or the voters say or think. Forward with my socialist-Marxist agent for the next two years."
The Republican Leadership (an oxymoron) must check with Obama and do what Obama demends. Why should the next two years be any different than the last two years for Obama? Whatever Obama wants, Obama gets...from the Republican Corrupt Traitors.
No $hit, Sherlock Boehner. What are you going to do about it? Nothing, absolutely nothing, as usual. Just what I thought.
...and Boehner is doing absolutely nothing about...and never will.
Where-o-where are Boehner, McConnell & McCain; Boehner & McConnell are trashing the Tea Party & McCain is trashing Cruz. Gowdy to be the House leader & Cruz to be the Senate Leader...neither are afraid of Obama like the aforementioned clowns...Boehner, McConnell & McCain.
In the earth's history...when was the climate NOT changing? Thanks. "destroy" America under the guise of "reform"...and this will continue for the next two years...on steroids.
Just the beginning of Obama's scorched earth executive action rampage.
Obama is not only coming, he is here...and causing much more destruction than the British ever could. Obama was totally rejected in the election; hell hath no fury like a narcissistic, self-proclaimed messiah...Obama is about to go on a scorched earth executive action rampage.
Get ready, here comes Hillary with "feminist/gender-based politics"...if you disagree with Hillary, you are conducting a "war on women"...
A ticket of Walker for President & Carson for Vice President would produce a wave election for the Republicans.
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