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Obama can't cut himself off from his place of birth...or the religion of his father.
Better luck next time.
Make it nine states plus two countries...ISIS will be mightily impressed with you efforts and drop their guns...immediately...or not.
Wendy "Lady McDeath" Davis is fit to be Lady McDeath.
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Charlie Crist's Secret Weapon: Joe Biden

JoJoXXX Wrote: Oct 12, 2014 8:47 AM
Christ's Secret Weapon: Really dumb voters, mostly senile.
The "Coke-Head" Democrats yacking it up about the Koch Brothers...don't ya just love the Dems desperate, clueless 'strategery.'
I truly cannot understand how any woman with a brain, a heart and a baby can support this blithering idiot, Wendy 'Lady McDeath' Davis, for anything other than "Baby Killer of the Year."
Got napalm? Eliminate blithering idiots quickly and easily. Thanks.
The White House is breached by a deranged individual every day...by the name of Obama. Security forces and the security fence does nothing to stop this Clueless Loon in Drag masquerading as President.
Eliminate security forces and the security fence at the White House...just like our Southern border.
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