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HarryReid...off his meds, off his rocker, on his knees for Obama. Cool.
"Famously Dead." Cool.
A very long article to explain a very simple result: Despite a multi-billion $$$ budget, the military leaders(?) did absolutely nothing. Thanks.
Obama & the Dems are very upset...they lost a future voter.
"Smidgen" describes the ethics, honesty and brains of Obama and his thug administration.
"Some of our emails and all of our ethics and honesty...lost forever."
"Hard Choices" for the "DumbFatA$$"...
The day that the Republican RINOs have to "hire" black Democrat voters to win a primary race for a clueless, blithering RINO is the day I quit the Republican Party. Today is the day. RINO scum, nothing but RINO scum.
Clinton Candidacy Imperiled by Gross Incompetence.
Keep on keepin' on validating the black stereotype.
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