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Judge Hanen is a Texan, born and bred. He will hold up, no problem. He doesn't fold in the face of a Teenage-Marxist-Punk-via-Chicago and his Chi-town thugs.
You asked for it. You passed it. You got it. Live with it. Totally useless & clueless idiot Democrats and their Glorious Leader Obama.
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Guess Who's Defending Brian Williams?

JoJoXXX Wrote: Feb 06, 2015 8:54 AM
Turds-of-a-Feather SINK together. See ya.
The "Deeply-Concerned-Draw-a-Red-Line-Do-Nothing-Blame-Others" President Obama. What a joke, what a disgrace, what a loser.
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GOP Establishment Weary of Romney

JoJoXXX Wrote: Jan 16, 2015 8:58 PM
GOP Voters weary and disgusted with GOP Leadership-RINO-Wimps.
Obama knows how to run his mouth, nothing more.
He is not "too moderate." He is an Obama-Hugging-RINO.
The most important three things: 1. Boehner is a coward and traitor 2. McConnell is a coward and traitor 3. RINOs are cowards and traitors
Obama tells Pelosi, "I enormously don't care what you or the voters say or think. Forward with my socialist-Marxist agent for the next two years."
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