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There is no California

JoJoStarbuck Wrote: Aug 16, 2012 9:47 AM
I like it, and in about 5 years after each nation is moving and the liberal states have decided to spend all of their money on social welfare programs and government retirement benefits and allocated nothing to national defense we can invade and take over.
If this had been a Republican commentator, as if any MSM media would have a conservative voice on staff, they would have been booted long ago after the first F-bomb, this is not his first.
The ability to get the identification required to vote could have prevented the felons from voting.
Wow, thats a pretty convincing case you put together there against it.
Way to step up and voice the ignorance that is the hallmark of the Democrat party. Next time maybe you could insert some false accusations or outright lies. Because blatantly obvious facts seem to be well out of your reach.
And now notice how none of these ridiculous laws requires the suppression of anothers rights. The point of the article is that the ruling made in this case forces another person to act in a certain way because someone else says it makes him feel bad to hear their comments. That is the essence of stupid, let me force someone else to do something because while what they are doing does not cause any harm, I dont like it.
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Krauthammer 1, White House 0

JoJoStarbuck Wrote: Jul 30, 2012 9:02 PM
Charlie K Rocks!!
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Matthews: Obama Is The Perfect Man

JoJoStarbuck Wrote: Jul 18, 2012 1:22 PM
Just more proof that intelligence has absolutely nothing to do with journalism these days.
Thats exactly what the insurance companies dont want, if people pay out of pocket they determine demand and medical companies would be forced to adjust accordingly. The insurance industry itself is the reason for out of control medical costs, not the doctors you go see when you are sick.
So since it is not a tax, then it should be ruled unconstitutional. If it does not fall under the taxing power as Carney and Team O are saying, it cannot stand under the Commerce clause, it should be removed from the books.
It's a shame because the teachers union could be a great organization with a significant role in shaping the education environment of the U.S. instead their leadership focuses on short term self serving goals, and ensuring they line their own pockets instead of addressing the failures of members, like not teaching, or taking a stance that focuses on education and not blindly following the lead of the democrat party. What an absolute disgusting waste.
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