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Sounds like a great ticket. Walker Cruz or cruz walker which ever way it wins out!!!
Islam is of Satan,,,,,No more need to be said!
Does anyone trust this satanic Filth???
Illegal Immigrants....Did you get your invitation to spend a week at the White House, compliments of Barak Obama. He wants to visit with you and make sure you understand the reason you are here is to vote him in for a third a final term which will make him Dictator. Then we will be a facist country, just like the Country you just left. Isn't that special???? So enjoy...Just walk right in. It is a very open and inviting family.
They sure know how to be peaceful don't they?????????????????????????
I am sure going to download the above Demos!!!!! Everytime I want a good laugh I can watch them........,, HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!HA!!!!!!!!!
On the mark!!!
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The Bribes Aren't Working

jo jo3 Wrote: Oct 16, 2014 8:00 AM
Anyone who votes for any Democrat is Anti America!!! They have been selling us out even before Obama but with this UNamerican who sits in the white house and if you do not believe that he is not an american then answer me this....How is it he came to America as foreign student to get his college paid for by our government. You cannot be a foreign studen and claim you are an american citizen at the same time!!!! Put your brains back in you heads where they belong...Stop sittting on them!!!
Maybe Cory can show us how make a lot of money and not pay taxes then we can put Ovomit on a financial diet by not paying taxes.....Yhanks for the info!!! Dumbo!!
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