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The Bribes Aren't Working

jo jo3 Wrote: Oct 16, 2014 8:00 AM
Anyone who votes for any Democrat is Anti America!!! They have been selling us out even before Obama but with this UNamerican who sits in the white house and if you do not believe that he is not an american then answer me this....How is it he came to America as foreign student to get his college paid for by our government. You cannot be a foreign studen and claim you are an american citizen at the same time!!!! Put your brains back in you heads where they belong...Stop sittting on them!!!
Maybe Cory can show us how make a lot of money and not pay taxes then we can put Ovomit on a financial diet by not paying taxes.....Yhanks for the info!!! Dumbo!!
Literally!!! The country has sold its soul to Hell! From the president ,congress, senate, supreme court and 90% of its citizens!!!! So do not complain when you get ther and find out how horrific (which does not even begin to describe it) it is!!!!
Demo-rats wage jihad on infants who cannot protect themselves and are thr major cause of cancer in women. ....medically proven that women who have abortions are 80% more likely to develop breast cancer!! ,,,,,So who is waging war??
Whatever, it will be like changing Frick for Frack!!!
The chain gang would be a better fit!!
Donkeys Behind!!!
We cannot call it incompetance any longer. One mistake,.... two mistakes possible....Every wrong decision must be deliberate! He is on the side of our enemies! Understand that and then you will understand his constant decisions to do just about nothing!!!
We need a President who is, #1 a United States of America Citizen, We need a President who abides by the rule of law. We need a President who is not a Member of the Hamas, the Brotherhood, or ISIS or any other muslim pact bent on killing Christians. We need a Presdient who follow the Constitution of the United States of America. But first things first we need to banish Obama from the Presidency and convict him of crimes against the United States of America and its People which either give him a life sentence in Prison or a public Hanging.
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ISIL Will Take Over Kurdish Areas of Iraq

jo jo3 Wrote: Aug 13, 2014 7:47 AM
I have heard of ISIS who is ISIL or is that a pet name Obama has given ISIS to try and fool the American people as usual?????????
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