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The Next Obama Scandal?

John W11 Wrote: Nov 20, 2012 1:14 PM
hey Val, Guess you are perfectly ok with the Obummer admin doing anything they want. Guess it's perfectly ok with you if they violate any number of laws that passed congress with bipartisan support. You and all the other idiots like you should just move to Russia or China.

Investors Business Daily reports that it now appears the EPA has been conducting "the people's business" like a covert operation . . . using aliases, private emails and other devices to avoid the full accountability that public service should necessarily entail.  As the piece points out, if true, this violates the Federal Records Act, Freedom of Information Act, and the Presidential Records Act, along possibly with others.

What exactly is the agency doing that its leaders are so eager to hide from public scrutiny? House Republicans have sent a letter requesting more information, so maybe we'll find out.