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Surprise: Tax-Hiking Dem Senator Forced to Pay Tax Penalty on DC Mansion

John W11 Wrote: Feb 20, 2013 1:06 PM
Just one more piece of proof that to be a dimocrat you have to corrupt, tax evading, degenerate, hypocritical, etc etc, I could go on and on. This is NOT an isolated incident. Look at little Timmy Geitner the tax cheat that as far as I know was in arears when he advocated taxing americans. I think if you add up all the tax delinquencies for the obummer white house, it was in the MILLIONS. It's rich. dims are just plain sorry.

This post pretty much writes itself.  Step one - Louisiana liberal Sen. Mary Landrieu demands higher taxes on the American people, averring that President Obama's recent $600 billion hike (in addition to all the Obamacare taxes) "is not enough" to satisfy Big Government's spending appetite:

"We have to bring more revenues!"

Step two - Louisiana liberal Sen. Mary Landrieu admits to