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Report: Obamacare Triggering Double Digit Premium Increases

John W11 Wrote: Jan 07, 2013 2:40 PM
Hey moron....medicare already sux and it's 100% govt run! less and less doctors are accepting patients and the level of care is going down. Why? Because you can't MANDATE how much a doc visit costs. Only a govt bufoon, a Dem (same thing), or an intellectual inferior such as yourself doesn't get that.

I was tempted to roll out one of our sarcastic "surprise" headlines for this post, but nothing about this law is surprising anymore.  Over and over again, conservatives' admonitions and predictions -- ranging from premium levels to cost curves to basic logistics -- have been vindicated by events.  We already knew that individual and family premiums were on the rise thanks to the president's signature law; the New York Times now reports that the government is forcing insurance companies to reach into citizens' pockets and extract up to hundreds of additional dollars per month for healthcare: