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Dems Shoot Themselves in Foot with Gun Control

John W11 Wrote: Mar 22, 2013 11:58 AM
Uh what about Pelosi, odummy, Reid. They have all said the most ignorant, stupid things. Add to that now only are they stupid. They are liars on top. Out and out liars.

With some justification, the GOP haso frequently been called "the Stupid Party." But there are times when Democrats clearly get themselves into the running for the title, and the pending gun control legislation seems to be one of those times.

Part of it has to do with timing.  The whole idea of gun legislation got its start in the wake of the horrific attacks in Newtown -- a tragedy so heart-wrenching that it raised Democrat hopes that, if exploited correctly, it could produce a political climate conducive to unprecedented limits on Second Amendment freedoms.

As with the sequester, however, it seems...