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Oh yeah, odummy has worked marvels. Let's recap: lowest labor participation rate since the great depression (I'll simplify it for lois and other dims- that means no one can find a job, people have quit looking), obamacare causing insurance to skyrocket in cost, horrible conditions at VA, lost Iraq, no leader in the world takes the pansy seriously, contracting economy. He couldn't find his a$$ with both hands. But I doubt if you could tell the difference, you probably can't read. His opinion poll numbers are lower than Carter or Bush. And let's not forget the debacle (that means really bad thing) at the border. Now tell me ONE achievement. Don't get me wrong I'm no fan of our crybaby speaker but don't even say odummy has done anything but tear our country down.
What, no libtards out there want to chime in to say that yes, the bitter winter tanked the economy AND we need to hurry up and do something about global warming. Please do. I can't wait for all you libtards to enlighten us with your wisdom.
It's a pickle, I tell ya.
It's the weather people. The winter was soooooo cold and bitter that it damaged the economy, therefore we need new global warming initiatives and regulations to protect us from the unusually warm weather and wait. which is it?
Oh no, it's the cold winter. The winter was so cold it tanked the economy. Oh btw Odummy wants to screw up the economy even more to protect us from global warming while at the same time blame the extremely cold winter for tanking the economy. He's just sooooo smart don't you know. Nah, couldn't be drastically increasing taxes, harmful EPA regulation, odummycare. Oh goodness no, couldn't be any of that putting a wet blanket on small and medium sized businesses. Oh but odummy's wall street buddies are doing great. All of his bundlers and money men. They do great while he puts the screws to small and medium sized businesses.
I'm sorry, but the military is about 2/3 to 3/4 conservative, not just his platoon. Maybe the military is tired of how the current leftist traitor to the country has shited on them military the past 6 years. Maybe they are tired of risking their lives to go look for good for nothing traitors like bergdahl. Remember it was odummy administration talking points that got them into trouble. The criticism was initially over was it worth 5 hardened Taliban fighters to bring berdgahl back. Then you had the mouthpiece RIce saying how he served with distinction and honor. THen the military set the story right after the odummy administration blatantly lied just like they did about the Benghazi episode. Get your story right. Odummy lied about bergdahl saying he was some kind of hero and the military corrected his lie.
Have you ever noticed that to be a female libturd spokesperson you have to be just a snotty little cee u next Tuesday?
We should have traded this witch for Bergdahl. The thought of handing her over to the Taliban and what would happen to her makes me smile. Another liberal beyotch educated way beyond her innate intelligence.
Typical establishment, gop gibberish. The reason Anne is not liked by the Greenbergs of the world is she has more testicular fortitude and makes the surrender monkeys of the gop feel bad about their own masculinity. The problem with Greenberg is he's not a fighter and a warrior is what it takes now. The GOP has compromised on about everything it can compromise on. We've actually cut into principle with the establishment wing. See if you're a conservative- you can compromise on the topline numbers of the budget. You can cut back a program or two you're in favor of to maybe not cut a program a liberal is in favor is. You can make a compromise like that. It's not principle. But if you're compromise leaves federal funding for abortion, then that's just wrong. It's wrong from the standpoint of the religious wing but you can also make a libertarian case against it. See the establishment wing doesn't get that. They regularly trade away principle as compromise. Besides Coulter beats the left with her logic and her snarkiness. It's about time to pay back in kind.
Or better yet, maybe Ben Franklin was even smarter than we thought. Maybe he made a time machine and plopped down in our century. The old bag looks just like ol' Ben.
Geeeez, slap a hat on that old hag and she's the Quaker oats guy bwahahahah
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