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Hey Eric, Ask the parents why they raised a guy that goes in to stores, steals, and assaults the clerk. While you're at it, ask them why he was walking down the middle of the street, stopping traffic and got into an altercation with a cop that asked him to get out of the road. Also ask why they kid felt it necessary to assault the cop and possibly go for his gun. Also ask why when the cop pulled the gun and ordered the kid to stop, he turned around and bum rushed the cop head on. We would like to know the answers to those questions.
Well, I've been saying for a long time that the country has been lost to the oligarchs and Odummy is the tool of the oligarchs. There's this unholy alliance between establishment dims and republicans on immigration. The dims want a permanent underclass to vote dim and dims want to do the bidding of their corporate masters. Estabalishent Repubicans want to do the bidding of their corporate masters. I understand that part but what I can't understand is how Establishment Republicans can think they will ever have a chance winning elections with a vast new underclass. And this bs about needing skilled workers is a farce too. If there is a shortage of skilled workers, such as IT industry, wages would be exploding and that's just NOT the case. Real wages for IT and engineering have been fairly stagnant over the past 10 years.
So by that logic, If someone just walked up to Blitzer the idiot and pumped him full of lead, the local authorities should just say- "well, it was just an isolated murder, we're going to just let it go". That would be ok according to libtard/Blitzer school of logic. He's just a special kind of idiot.
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Has John McCain Lost His Mind?

John W11 Wrote: Aug 07, 2014 2:26 PM
Alas, this discussion is the difference between republicans and dimocrats. We as republicans/conservatives are discussing the sanity of one of our most powerful members. Flip this around. You will NEVER, and I mean NEVER hear any libtard seriously discussing whether Reed, Pelosi, or Franken are seriously deranged and unhinged when they OBVIOUSLY are. To a lib you can't be or act too crazy. Being a total nut job or a slime ball is a serious badge of honor to a dimocrat.
No a$$ clown, it's time for YOU to get serious. Putin is very serious! It is you that's a laughing stock and worse, you've made the U.S. a laughing stock. No one is the least bit concerned or afraid of anything you might do and by extension the U.S. You're such a disgrace and a joke.
Awwww you poor dears from NAG (national assoication of gals). Let's place this in liberal terms. Remember how when libtards love a supreme court decision they always say it's "settled law". Well hobby lobby case is now "settled law". The supreme court has spoken. You lost.
Hey, that's ok. Have you ever noticed almost all of these really angry, child killer types aren't really very attractive and not generally someone you'd want to have sex with anyway. I mean have you looked at most of them?
It's not a right if someone else besides you has to pay for it. Health insurance through your company or oraganization is not a right, never has been. Companies only started offering insurance through the workplace because the new deal dimocratic socialists froze wages. So instead companies enticed workers by offering insurance as a benefit. And now these same bunch of dimocratic socialists are trying to say it's a right. And why is Patty Murray the spearhead on this issue. Have you ever noticed the women that are screaming the loudest about birth control and abortion are chicks you wouldn't want to do anyway? Bwahahaha
Bottom line, stupid dimocrats, is if it costs money it is NOT a right! If someone has to pay for it, it's not a right. It's that simple. Free speech- doesn't require someone to pay for it. Freedom of assembly- the same. Right to bear arms-same. Right to not incriminate yourself- same. Freedom of religion- same.
Ok liberal retards, take a breath. First of all, not one person was denied contraceptives. For one thing contraceptives are dirt damn cheap and calling them healthcare is rediculous. Contraceptives are the cheapest thing you can purchase that has anything remotely to do with insurance. Second, corporations thear aren't "closely held" can't deny contraceptives under this ruling. Of course, almost all libtards have no idea what "closely held" even means because well the average libtard is just plain stupid. Closely held means a company that's stock is owned by just a few people, like family members. When a family owns a business the business IS the same as the family. A family can have closely held religious beliefs. A large multi-national company with gazillions of share holders don't have closely held religious convictions. Another thing for libturds to consider is the fact that a company that doesn't pay for certain contraceptives because of religious views is not co-ercing someone into NOT getting contraceptives. However the government was trying to co-erce at the point of a gun a company to go against their religious convictions, clearly violating the first amendment. I know this is all too hard for libs to understand (the rank and file anyway). The leaders of their movement are just mad as hell because the court established boundaries. We all know that deep (and not so deep) inside every liberal is is murderous dictator dieing to get out. Willing to do any kind of evil to make people go what they want. I was always taught in school that the proper thing to happen when a supposed right or perrogative of government ran up against any one of the bill of rights was that the other right or the supposed perrogative stood down. Meaning once a government action hit the first 10 amendments they cease and desist or you no longer have a free society. I realize this explanation is wasted on brain dead libs.
Wrong! The supreme court ruled this law was unconstitutional because it carved out a special case for abortion. Treating abortion clinics differently. Under the law that the court struck down it was ok to protest the recruitment center, the VA etc. but NOT abortion clinics. The point being the people passing the law conferred special rights to abortion clinics. Now the people that passed the law could, I suppose pass a law that made a protest area for all public places. But I'll doubt they will. This legislature is liberal or democratic I'm guessing, so they probably don't care about free speech or protecting anyone except abortion clinics. I know for a fact libtards don't mind busing in tons of union thugs to picket people's actual houses, so get your story right.
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