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12 Comments and no cloggedANUS or a lowASS! Must be to busy on the Sheila Jackson thread to be bothered!
When SHTF I have a patriotic duty to kill as many libs as possible! The sooner the better!
Yes its a normal body function which lowASS is not!
How about human EXCREMENT?
Holder is a commie QeerDoe!
She can take Dingy Harry with her!
Whats the matter lowASS? The Gates thread kicking the SHlT out of you and now you poke your brown @ss nose in here!
So who's this for? Not for me! Come and get them you puke socialist bas-turd!
WTF? I thought he blew him to SHlT with a mortar round? Unless he made Chow Chow out of his @ss aft ward?
Same SHlT happens in PA with places like FILTHYdelphia!
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