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Gives a new meaning to celebratory gun fire. I'm bored.
Proud To Be Union, Organized Thuggery and Public School Indoctrinated!
I sure as HEII hope you are right.
SARAH PALIN! That should melt his skull a bit!
25 years ago I went to Vo-Tech for night courses that cost me $150 (same course now cost $200) I took a few courses at Tech school that cost about $4500. I worked 9 years at Asplundh Tree Expert Co. while I did this. I am a machinist who can run just about any machine a tool shop can throw at you! I can get a job in a heart beat and am in a situation where I can move anywhere I pretty much want! If you go for a liberal arts degree why would you expect to ever find a job? I also work for a company that actually makes fire arms and as far as I am concerned it is a DREAM JOB!
Ask 0bama! He seems to be at war with the USA and the constitution.....I'm betting the POS does not win this one!
Never mind! The idiot is in the house!
12 Comments and no cloggedANUS or a lowASS! Must be to busy on the Sheila Jackson thread to be bothered!
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