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Democrats, How Much Will You Take?

johnsnare Wrote: Mar 05, 2014 6:55 PM
Really folks, did we really expect something different from the first, Black left leaning,Muslim, socialist, and Saul Alinsky honor student.? He announced his agenda on the 08 campaign trail. I will fundamentally transform America. He failed to explain, exactly what the transformation would be. The most anti white, and anti American President in history. Now, all you Obama supporters. Do you really feel good about yourselves.??
The GOP needs a new model, and direction. The liberal left, has succeeded in capturing the middle class and Hispanic vote, by addressing their problems. I am not referring to Free stuff, but their actual needs. Republicans, have come across as wealthy and arrogant, and unfortunately they do not resonate with the voters.
Some of that money should have been used to get Chelsea much needed plastic surgery
Obama's biological father, was a card carrying communist,Frank Marshall Davis. Go to Wikipedia and plug in Franklin Marshall Davis. Bingo.
Absolutely correct. The three left leaning liberals are lucky Fox pays them a salary, and microphone to air their liberal garbage. The three of them should be at MSNBC, and for sure they would go bankrupt. There was a reason Hannity unloaded the wag.
Have you seriously considered seeking medical attention.? What the hell is your point.? You must be a left leaning liberal, who voted for our first Black President. How is he working out for YOU?.
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What Jack Kennedy Wrought

johnsnare Wrote: Feb 09, 2014 8:24 PM
Excellent comment, Ken457. Visit your local Public Library, and find an interesting book."Brothers,". A well written book about ,JFK, and his brother Bobby. OReilly's book,"Killing Kennedy", does not come close to this , cannot put down read. Much information never before written or published.
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Women Need To Have Equality

johnsnare Wrote: Feb 02, 2014 12:16 PM
The GOP will give Clinton a pass in 2016, like they gave Obama, and Rev.Wright a pass in 2008. Obama, would not have made it to the Oval Office in 2008, if the MSM, and the GOP,questioned Obama, about his relationship with Wright, and Bill Ayers. If they repeat the same tactic, she will sail into the White House, as the first female President of the USA.
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Our Smartest President?

johnsnare Wrote: Jan 26, 2014 12:07 PM
He did not write his biography,:Dreams Of My Father." His Socialist,and Saul Alinsky honor student,Bill Ayers, wrote the damn book. Our first black President did not spend millions to permanently seal all his school and personal records for nothing. Probably the most incompetent,arrogant, inept, President in our history.
Wendy's college dorm room was never locked.
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