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First Jobs

johnrritter Wrote: Jul 20, 2012 4:52 PM
My 1st job was an Usher in the local theater at 1.00 per hr 1952.. Little did they know I would have done it for free just to see the movies.. :o)
What was your first job?

I stuck pieces of plastic and metal together at an Evanston, Ill., assembly line. We produced photocopiers for a company called American Photocopy.

I hated the work. It was hot and boring. But it was useful. It taught me to get good grades in school so I might have other choices.

Four years later, good grades got me a job as a researcher at a TV station.

To my surprise, that became a career. I never planned to be a TV reporter. I hadn't even watched TV news. I never took a journalism course.

But by...